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Moving In and Moving Out

Checking Into Your Room

When you check into your room, you will be asked to document any damage you see on a Room Condition Card (RCC) and return it to your residence director (RD). It is your responsibility to document conditions in the appropriate place and add comments as necessary.

Checking Out of Your Room

At the end of the fall semester, you must leave campus for the semester within 24 hours of your last final exam. At the end of the spring semester, you must move out of your residence hall within 24 hours of your last final exam.

You are responsible for leaving your room in the same clean and orderly condition  in which it was found and for completing all check out procedures. Your RA cannot make damage assessments, or quote any prices or conditions.

If you wish to talk about any costs associated with damage billing, contact your residence director.

Personal belongings may not be stored on campus during summer. The College may dispose of any and all items left in the residence halls after the end of the academic year in May. The College may also dispose of any belongings you leave if you withdraw from the College; are suspended, expelled, or removed from the residence halls; or if you vacate your room for any other reason.

You will be charged a removal fee for all personal items and furniture left in your room at the end of the school year.

Once an initial inspection has been conducted, your RA will forward your completed RCC to the residence director. In conjunction with Facilities Services, if Residential Life finds that your room or items in your room have been damaged beyond normal wear, or if College property is missing, you will be billed the appropriate amount (as determined by Facilities Services) for material and labor-related costs in repairing and/or cleaning the room and/or the cost to replace College property.

You will be notified of your charges and the date to appeal damage charges through your Fisher email address after the close of the semester.

Keys and IDs

You will be issued an ID and room key when you arrive on campus. A closet key may be requested from your RD if you have a lockable closet.

Lost room and/or closet keys should be reported to the RD immediately. For lost room keys, a $50 replacement fee will be charged, the lock will be changed, and all roommates will be issued new keys. Lost closet keys will be replaced for $10. Failure to return keys at the time of checkout will result in replacement key charges.

A lost ID must be reported to Safety & Security immediately. There is a fee for ID replacement.

Mail and Mailbox Keys

New for Fall 2018

Mailbox keys are distributed to resident students upon request at the campus mailroom window. Simply bring your student ID during our normal hours of operation. You do not have to request a mailbox key. If a key is lost, there is a $10 replacement fee.

Requested resident student mailbox keys are returned to the RD as part of the room check-out procedure. If keys are not returned at the time of check-out, the student will be billed $10 to replace the key.

Mailbox numbers are assigned by the campus mailroom and are posted on ResLife Online. Mailroom staff cannot provide mailbox numbers over the phone.

Incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

Student Name
St. John Fisher College
3690 East Avenue
Mailbox #___________
Rochester, NY 14618

New Resident Students Note: Please add this address to your “deliver” list in your Amazon accounts prior to sending your first order to campus. 

All packages received for resident students are processed through our tracking system to ensure security and proper delivery. The student will receive a confirmation email from "CampusMailroom" at their Fisher address for every package they receive.

Please Note: A shipper's email notification of "delivery" does not mean the package is ready for pick-up or that the package has arrived on campus.  The "CampusMailroom" email will notify the student that their package is ready for pick-up at the campus mailroom window.