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Upperclass Housing Selection Overview

The housing selection process is for returning students who wish to live on campus for the 2019-2020 academic year. Incoming first year and transfer students will apply for housing at a later date during a separate process.

2019-2020 Housing Contract [pdf]

Submit Your Housing Application - Due March 12

The Housing Application is available in ResLife Online and is due by 4:30 p.m. on March 12, 2019. No extensions or exceptions.

Pay Your Deposit - Due March 12

The $200.00 housing deposit can be paid online, by mail or at the Student Accounts Office and is due by 4:30 p.m. on March 12, 2019; payment options include cash, check, or electronic check. For more information about paying the housing deposit, please review the Housing Deposit Payment Instructions [pdf].

The housing deposit is not refundable. The housing deposit is a "reservation" for your space on-campus and your notice and commitment to the College that you intend to live on campus.  You should think fully about committing to on-campus housing if you are considering transferring or withdrawing from the College.  The housing deposit is non-refundable.

Room Type and Roommate Preference Form

What is the Room Type and Roommate Preference Form? 
This is where students preference a desired room type, roommate(s) and designate a group leader.  The Room Type and Roommate Preference Form is initially submitted when you complete the housing application in ResLife Online.  If students do not make a choice, the default room type is a double room.

Making Updates
Students can continue to update the Room Type and Roommate Preference Form until 4:30 p.m. on March 19 in ResLife Online.  Students who wish to live in a single room must finalize their room type request by 4:30 p.m. on March 12.

Room and Building Availability
Visit the building and room options page for a full listing of housing availability and options.

Need a Roommate? 
If you need help finding a roommate, join the ResLife Roommate Finder using your network login credentials and begin your search.  If you and another student wish to live together, you both need to request each other on the Room Type and Roommate Preference Form.

Receive Your Selection Number

What is a housing selection number?
Students select housing by desired room type in order of housing selection number.  Housing selection numbers are directly influenced by the number of credits a student has earned and the time they have lived on campus.  As a result, the more credits you earn and longer you have attended Fisher, the earlier you will select your room.

When will I receive my selection number?
Housing selection numbers will be posted in ResLife Online and emailed at 6 p.m. on March 13.  For more information about housing selection numbers review the information at the bottom of this page or visit our FAQs.

Roommates and Groups
If you select a room with other students (double, triple, connecting, suite), you will select a room according to your group selection number.  Your group selection number is the average of the selection numbers of all of the students in your group.

Select a Room

Students will select rooms at their assigned time starting on March 15 through April 4.  The day you select your room is determined by the room type you preferenced in your Room Type and Roommate Preference Form and your selection number.

Room Selection Dates and Times
For room selection dates and times, please visit complete housing selection timeline.

Room and Building Availability
Visit the building and room options page for a full listing of housing availability.  Students who do not pick a room during selection, will be considered to be withdrawn from the process.

Housing Selection Numbers

Housing Selection Numbers
Student TypeEarned CreditsHousing TierSelection # Range
Upper-class 105+ UC1 1-50
Upper-class 90-104 UC2 51-130
Upper-class 75-89 UC3 131-240
Upper-class 60-74 UC4 241-400
Upper-class 50-59 UC5 401-600
Upper-class 1-49 UC6 601-800
First Year 26-120 FY1 801-1150
First Year 0-25 FY2 1151-1500

Please Note: There may be large gaps between selection numbers. The computer randomly generates the numbers using a range of available numbers.  For instance, there may be only 60 UC1 who apply for housing but the computer will assign them numbers between 1-100.

Housing Selection Number

Your housing selection Student Type is determined by your time at the College.

  • "First Year" = Entered the College in the fall or spring as a new freshman or in the spring as a freshman transfer.
  • "Upperclass"= You are in at least your second year at the College or you began either semester as a sophomore, junior, or senior transfer.

Earned Credits are those that you have already received credit for at the College according to the Registrar's Office as of the close of business  on March 12, 2019.

Housing Tiers are based on your time at the College and how many earned credits you have.

Housing Selection Numbers determine the order in which rooms are chosen and are assigned randomly within your housing tier. Housing Selection numbers will be available to students on ResLife Online and by email no later than 6 p.m. on March 13.

Group Selection Number

For doubles, triples, connecting rooms and suites, your group selection number will be the average of the selection numbers of all of the students who want to live in the room. Students participating in housing selection without a roommate/group will use their individual housing selection number.