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Residence Hall Regulations

Below are the residence hall regulations as referred to in Section 19.01 of the Student Code of Conduct.

The following regulations protect the rights of all and enable resident students to pursue their goals in an atmosphere conducive to positive community, study, and intellectual achievement.

  1. Room Furniture and Fixtures
    1. Furniture, fixtures, furnishings, and equipment furnished by the College for use in a particular room, suite, or other area in a College residence hall may not be removed from that particular room or other area for any reason without prior written authorization from the Office of Residential Life.
    2. Removing closet doors and/or heater covers is prohibited.
    3. Students are responsible for maintaining an acceptable standard of cleanliness in their assigned rooms at all times.
  2. Lounges
    1. Lounge furniture is to remain in the lounges for the use of all students living on the floor.
    2. Sleeping in the lounge and/or storing personal belongings in the lounge is prohibited.
  3. Windows
    1. Window screens are not to be removed from the windows.
    2. Throwing objects/materials out of windows is prohibited.
    3. Students are not permitted to play stereos with speakers pointed out the window.
    4. Students are prohibited from climbing out of any windows.
  4. Lofts and Water-Filled Furniture
    1. Non-College supplied lofts are prohibited.
    2. The use of cinderblocks, bed risers or the like to loft or raise furniture is prohibited.
    3. Water-filled furniture is prohibited.
    4. All furniture must meet state fire code standards; therefore, homemade furniture is prohibited.
  5. Solicitation and Postings
    1. Door-to-door solicitation for on- or off-campus services or groups is not permitted in the residence halls without prior written permission from the assistant dean of students.
    2. All postings in the residence halls must be approved by and distributed through the Office of Residential Life. The Office of Residential Life is located on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center.
    3. At no time may any part of any residence hall be use for commercial purposes.
  6. Fire Safety
    1. New York State Multiple Dwelling Laws prohibit cooking in residence hall rooms.
    2. Fastening any combustible material to any ceilings or covering any fire alarm equipment is prohibited.
    3. Appliances must have a UL-approved label attached to the item and be in good condition. Appliances should be left unplugged when not in use.
    4. Decorative lights cannot be in contact with or touching any kind of combustible material.
    5. Microwaves may be permitted in residence hall rooms within the following guidelines: they may use no more than 700 watts, and they can only be used for reheating purposes.
    6. Refrigerators may use no more than 1.5 amps.
    7. Possession and/or use of a fire hazard(s) is prohibited.
    8. Air conditioning units and freezer units are not permitted in student rooms unless supplied by the College.
  7. Pets
    1. All animals are prohibited at all times, with the exception of pet fish under the following conditions:
      • Fish tanks can be no larger than 10 gallons.
      • Fish that require electric life support systems must be taken home during breaks, as electrical appliances may not be left plugged in during these periods.
  8. Sports
    1. Sports activities (playing catch, rollerblading, golf, frisbee/KanJam, football, etc.) are prohibited inside the residence halls.
    2. Possession and/or use of metal and plastic tipped darts is prohibited.
  9. Room Occupancy
    Room occupancy is no more than double the occupancy of the room plus one in the living unit at one time (i.e., a double room may have no more than 5 people in the room at one time).
  10. Quiet Hours
    Quiet hours are observed from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m. Sunday through Thursday nights and from 1 a.m. to 11 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights.
    1. During quiet hours, noise must not be heard beyond the limits of an individual's room/suite.
    2. Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day.
    3. Personal noises (voices, electronic equipment, and the like) should not be audible outside of individual rooms/suites.
    4. Amplified instruments and music, subwoofers, drums and the like are prohibited in the residence halls.
    5. Any sound-producing device or apparatus that disturbs anyone outside of a student's individual room is prohibited.
    6. 24-hour quiet hours are in effect just prior to and during exam weeks during the fall and spring semesters as posted by the Office of Residential Life.
  11. Visitors and Guests
    A visitor is defined as a St. John Fisher College student who either lives in another residence hall or off campus. A guest is defined as a non-St. John Fisher College student. Guests and visitors are permitted in the residence halls.
    1. Guests and/or visitors may stay no more than three consecutive nights and no more than six total nights per month.
    2. Resident students may be held responsible for any damages and policy violations that may result from the actions of their guests and/or visitors.
  12. Alcohol
    Resident students are responsible for following the Code of Conduct concerning alcohol use on campus. In addition, as a resident student, you are also responsible for the following:
    1. Alcohol may be consumed by persons of legal drinking age in private areas (living units) of the residence halls with the door closed. At no time may alcohol be consumed in public areas such as hallways, lounges, stairwells, lobbies, etc.
    2. Underage students who room with students of legal drinking age may be in the presence of alcohol in their assigned rooms only, provided only the assigned roommate(s) are present. In an instance of an underage person being present where alcohol is being consumed/present, the resident of the area and/or the persons of legal age will also be held responsible for an alcohol violation.
    3. Students under 21 may not possess and/or display empty alcohol containers in their rooms for any reason, including being filled with highlighter fluid, flowers, potpourri, etc.
  13. Personal wireless routers, access points or other WiFi hot spot devices are prohibited in the residence halls. Also refer to the Residence Hall Network Connection Policy.

Residence Hall Contract

View the Housing Contract [pdf].