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Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct exists to support the academic mission of the College and promote the growth and development of students.

All St. John Fisher College students, faculty, staff, visitors, and guests are expected to comply with federal, state, or local laws as well as applicable Codes of Professional Standards. In addition, students and student organizations are subject to the College Student Conduct Process for any of the following acts of misconduct:

  1. Dishonesty
    • 1.01 Knowingly furnishing false information to the College
    • 1.02 Forgery, alteration or use of College documents or instruments of identification with intent to defraud
    • 1.03 Misuse of College ID
      • 1.03.1. As a meal card
      • 1.03.2. Use in the library
      • 1.03.3. As misidentification
    • 1.04 Tampering with the election process of any College-recognized student organization
    • 1.05 Possession and/or use of false identification, altered identification or any other misrepresentation of one's identity
  2. Intoxicants
    • 2.01 Alcohol
      • 2.01.1. Being in the presence of alcohol under the legal drinking age
      • 2.01.2. Possession of alcohol under the legal drinking age
      • 2.01.3. Consumption of alcohol under the legal drinking age
      • 2.01.4. Selling of alcohol
      • 2.01.5. Of age consumption of alcohol with a person(s) under the legal drinking age present
      • 2.01.6. Being in the presence of alcohol with an underage person(s) present
      • 2.01.7. Distribution or delivery of alcohol to person(s) under the legal drinking age
      • 2.01.8. The sale of, supplying, possession, and/or consumption of alcohol at a student-sponsored event(s) and/or College events at which underage persons are present, without the written approval of the vice president for student affairs or their designee
      • 2.01.9. Possession of kegs, beer balls, and/or multiple serving containers
      • 2.01.10. Participation in drinking games
      • 2.01.11. Possession of alcohol paraphernalia including funnels, beer pong tables, bar setups, etc
      • 2.01.12. Possession and/or consumption of alcohol in any area of campus except residence hall rooms as permitted by the residence hall regulations, without the written approval of the vice president for student affairs or their designee
      • 2.01.13 Manufacturing of alcohol
    • 2.02 Controlled Substances
      • 2.02.1. Being in the presence of controlled substance(s)
      • 2.02.2. Possession of controlled substance(s) except as expressly permitted by law
      • 2.02.3. Use of controlled substance(s) except as expressly permitted by law
      • 2.02.4. Purchase of controlled substance(s)
      • 2.02.5. Distribution and/or sale and/or delivery of controlled substance(s)
      • 2.02.6. Manufacturing of controlled substance(s)
      • 2.02.7. Possession of drug paraphernalia
      • 2.02.8. Possession and/or use of a prescription drug without a documented prescription
    • 2.03 Substances used to cause impairment including intoxication or hallucination
      • 2.03.1. Being in the presence of substances used to cause impairment
      • 2.03.2. Possession of substances used to cause impairment
      • 2.03.3. Use and/or buying of substances to cause impairment
      • 2.03.4. Distribution and/or sale and/or delivery of substances to cause impairment
      • 2.03.5. Manufacturing substances to cause impairment
    • 2.04 Driving while impaired
    • 2.05 Public intoxication
  3. Discrimination and/or Discriminatory Harassment
    • 3.02 Hate Crimes
  4. Abuse, Harm, or Harassment
    • 5.01 Verbal Abuse
    • 5.02 Harm
      • 5.02.1 Actual
      • 5.02.2 Attempted
    • 5.03 Harassment
      • 5.03.1 Verbal
      • 5.03.2 Written
      • 5.03.3 Physical
    • 5.04 Stalking
    • 5.05 Threat to use force
    • 5.06 Intimidation
  5. Hazing
  6. Property Offenses
    • 7.01 Theft
      • 7.01.1 Actual
      • 7.01.2 Attempted
    • 7.02 Damage to property
      • 7.02.1 Actual
      • 7.02.2 Attempted
    • 7.03 Removal of property
      • 7.03.1 Actual
      • 7.03.2 Attempted
    • 7.04 Destruction of property
      • 7.04.1 Actual
      • 7.04.2 Attempted
    • 7.05 Tampering
      • 7.05.1 Actual
      • 7.05.2 Attempted
    • 7.06 Possession of lost, stolen, or misplaced property
    • 7.07 College Posting Policy
    • 7.08 Vandalism
  7. Misuse of College Records
    • 8.01 Unauthorized examination, use, removal, or destruction of either electronic and hard copies of any College records, files, papers, or documents
    • 8.02 Unauthorized possession, use or manufacture of parking permit(s)
  8. Misuse of Computer Systems
    • 9.01 Appropriate Use Policy
    • 9.02 Unauthorized use of computing facilities or system time
    • 9.03 Unauthorized use of another individual's identification and password
    • 9.04 Use of computing facilities or systems to interfere with the work of another
    • 9.05 Use of computing facilities or systems to interfere with the operation of the College computing system
    • 9.06 Digital Millennium Copyright Policy
    • 9.07 Unauthorized entry into a file to use, read, or change the contents, or for any other unauthorized purpose
    • 9.08 Unauthorized transfer of a file
    • 9.09 Use of computing facilities and systems to send obscene or abusive messages
  9. Disruption of College Operations and Public Order
    • 10.01 Disruption of College activities (teaching, research, administration, programs, services, operations, etc.)
    • 10.02 Obstructing access to and/or from the campus or any part of campus
    • 10.03 Infringement upon the rights of others or actions that prejudice the maintenance of public order
    • 10.04 Disturbing the living environment and/or any member within
  10. Gambling
    • 11.01 Betting, wagering, or selling pools for money on any athletic event, professional or amateur
    • 11.02 Playing card or dice games for money
    • 11.03 Possessing any card, book, or other device for registering bets
    • 11.04 Involvement in unauthorized raffles or lotteries
  11. Security Violations
    • 12.01 Compromising the security of any part of campus
      • 12.01.1. Failure to produce a valid ID card
      • 12.01.2. Possession, use, distribution, or duplication of keys or other facilities access devices (e.g. swipe cards) to College rooms or buildings without consent or authorization
      • 12.01.3. Interfering with the intended security function of a door or window (e.g. propping doors)
    • 12.02 Unauthorized presence on the College campus
      • 12.02.1. Classrooms, laboratories, offices, or buildings
      • 12.02.2. Residence halls or residence hall rooms
      • 12.02.3. Athletic facilities
      • 12.02.4. Programming spaces
      • 12.02.6. Unauthorized areas such as roofs, maintenance areas, housekeeping closets, electrical rooms, and the like
    • 12.03 Providing access to anyone declared to have persona non grata (PNG) status by the College
    • 12.04 Possession and/or operation of a drone, unmanned aircraft, or unmanned aircraft system upon or in the airspace of the St. John Fisher College campus without the express written permission of the director of safety and security
  12. Safety Violations
    • 13.01 Making a false report of an emergency to any campus or off-campus official and/or misuse of emergency buttons
    • 13.02 Rollerskating, rollerblading, in-line skating, scootering, skateboarding, bicycling and the like, on outside stairwells and/or inside any College building
    • 13.03 Unauthorized animal in College building
    • 13.04 Possession and/or use of any weapon
    • 13.05 Possession and/or use of any item that may be mistaken for an actual weapon
    • 13.06 Possession and/or use of explosives
    • 13.07 Possession and /or use of ammunition
    • 13.08 Smoking of any sort, including electronic smoking devices, within 50 feet from campus buildings or inside of any College building
    • 13.09 Participation in non-alcoholic drinking games
    • 13.10 The possession and use of non-medical motorized vehicle, including hoverboards, on College property
  13. Fire Safety Violations
    • 14.01 Tampering with, disturbing or rendering useless fire/safety equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarm system, exit signs, emergency lighting).
    • 14.02 Tampering with, disturbing, or rendering useless any elevator device or systems
    • 14.03 Failure to exit the building during a fire alarm or drill except as authorized in a documented safety plan
    • 14.04 Use of elevators or chair lifts during a fire alarm or drill
    • 14.05 Blocking the path of egress
    • 14.06 Creating a fire hazard
    • 14.07 Possession and/or use of a fire hazard(s)
    • 14.08 Unauthorized ignition of a fire in College facilities or on College property
    • 14.09 Storage of any motor vehicle or internal combustion machine within any College building
    • 14.10 Possession and/or use of fireworks
  14. Failure to Comply
    • 15.01 With directions, verbal or written, of a College official or a resident assistant acting in performance of their duties
    • 15.02 With a sanction assigned as a result of a Student Conduct hearing, an interim action, disciplinary restrictions or actions, and/or behavioral contract
    • 15.03 With Persona Non Grata (PNG) status
      • 15.03.1. Campus
      • 15.03.2. Residence halls
  15. Interference with the Student Conduct Process
    • 16.01 Falsification, distortion, or misrepresentation of information
      • 16.01.1 In a Student Conduct Hearing
      • 16.01.2 During the documentation process
    • 16.02 Disruption or interference
      • 16.02.01 Of a Student Conduct Hearing
      • 16.02.02 During the documentation process
    • 16.03 Attempting to influence a Student Conduct Hearing Committee Member, Hearing Officer, Resident Assistant, College Staff, Complainant, Respondent, and/or Witness
      • 16.03.01 Prior to or during a Student Conduct Hearing
      • 16.03.02 During the documentation process
    • 16.04 Discouraging an individual's proper participation and/or use
      • 16.04.01 Of the Student Conduct Process
      • 16.04.02 Of the documentation process
    • 16.05 Harassment and/or intimidation of a Student Conduct Hearing Committee Member, Hearing Officer, Resident Assistant, College Staff, Complainant, Respondent, or Witness
      • 16.05.01 During or after a Student Conduct Hearing
      • 16.05.02 During or after the documentation process
  16. Behavior by a student's guest that violates any College policy
  17. General Misconduct
    • 18.01 Conduct unbecoming of a member of the St. John Fisher College Community
    • 18.02 Conduct which could be interpreted as disorderly, lewd, or indecent
    • 18.03 Conduct that is a violation of federal, state, or local law
    • 18.04 Misconduct committed off College property that relates to safety, security, or property of person and/or of the College and/or the College community, the integrity of the education process, the good name of the College, or the general welfare of the College
  18. Violation of any regulations promulgated by the College including:

Code of Conduct was last updated August 27, 2018. (#4 is intentionally left blank.)