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As the year comes to an end and we celebrate #Fisher2019, let's take a look back at our accomplishments as an institution and hear from our graduating seniors about their time with us.

Maria Robles

Number of students receiving degrees from St. John Fisher College in 2019.


Anthony Scarcelli
“Fisher prepared me to be the educator I’ve always wanted to be.”
Britni Martin
Britni Martin
8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Alice Drive Middle School
Jessica Colmerauer
Dr. Jessica Colmerauer
“I’ll be able to use my degree as a platform to promote change and be a voice for underserved individuals.”
Cord Stone
Dr. Cord Stone
CEO, Greater Works Collaborative, Inc.
Jordan Weller
“I’m confident that my Fisher education will help propel me to the places I intend to go,”
Chloe Hooper
Chloe Hooper
Future Criminal Justice Ph.D.
A graduate in a cap and gown on campus
“Fisher has taught me skills and concepts that will be useful in graduate school and beyond.”
Robert Markwick
Robert Markwick
Future Physics Ph.D.
Channon Jamison
“I’ve learned so much both educationally and in life. I don’t think I could have received this educational experience anywhere else.”
Shantel Giles
Shantel Giles
Mental Health Counselor, Rochester Regional Behavioral Health Center
Britni Martin

Number of St. John Fisher College graduates since 1955.


Alyssa Whitley

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