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Requesting Disability Accommodations

At the postsecondary level, disclosure of a disability is voluntary. In general, documentation of disability should only be submitted to the coordinator of student accessibility services.

Usually, students with temporary conditions (injuries) or short term medical or illness situations are not considered persons with disabilities and should review the information about making arrangements for temporary conditions.

Process to Request Disability Accommodations

Follow the below process to request disability accommodations.

Please refer to the Supporting Documentation Guidelines for Students with Disabilities section for specific detailed information. The College's Guidelines for Documentation of Disability are adopted from the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD).

Appeals Process for Disability Accommodations

In the event that a student wishes to appeal a College decision in response to a request for a reasonable accommodation, the student must:

  • Submit a written appeal to Student Accessibility Services indicating the basis for the appeal, within twenty calendar days of notification of the initial decision.
  • The appeal will be forwarded to the appropriate College officer (the appropriate undergraduate or graduate dean for academic-related requests; the vice president for student affairs and diversity initiatives for non-academic-related requests).
  • Student Accessibility Services will forward to the College officer receiving the appeal, all documentation and related information submitted to the College in support of the request.
  • The officer hearing the appeal may request additional information from the student, as well as seek expert opinion from sources outside the College. The student must cooperate if the opinion of the additional expert is sought.
  • The officer hearing the appeal will meet with the student to discuss the request and may interview other individuals who have information relevant to the request.
  • After reviewing the documentation and meeting with the student, the officer hearing the appeal may modify or sustain the original decision regarding the request for accommodation.
  • The decision regarding the appeal will be made within 30 calendar days of receipt of the appeal.