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Current Student Accessibility Information

Requesting Accommodations

In order to evaluate requests for academic and non-academic accommodations, students must follow the process to request accommodations.

Attendance Requirements

Students with and without disabilities are expected to attend all course-related activities.

Attendance "flexibility" may sometimes be appropriate for students with health-related disabilities that occur episodically or for students with mobility impairments that are impacted by weather.

Implementing Academic Accommodations

The coordinator of student accessibility services prepares an Academic Accommodation Verification form based on each student’s documentation of disability. View a sample Academic Accommodation Verification Form [pdf].

Student Responsibilities

  • Meet with the coordinator of student accessibility services (Kearney 300) to pick up the form and review the accommodation plan.
  • Read and comply with the exam policy and procedures (outlined on the Test Accommodation Request).
  • Meet with each instructor within the first two weeks of each semester to discuss the accommodations and plan for exams.
  • Ask each instructor to sign the schedule/verification form to indicate that the meeting has taken place and that instructor and student have agreed on an accommodation plan for the course.
  • Return the signed schedule form with attached verification form to Student Accessibility Services by the designated date.
  • Check Fisher email account regularly to maintain communication with Student Accessibility Services.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Meet with the student to review their Academic Accommodation Verification form and the Exam Accommodation Request Process.
  • Discuss the course requirements and exam plan relative to the student’s accommodations.
  • Sign the schedule form next to your printed name and return it to the student with the attached verification form. If you would like to receive a copy of the verification form, put a "CC" next to your name. Student Accessibility Services will send a copy to you after the student returns the signed form.