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RN to BSN Online Program Requirements

The fully-accredited RN to BSN curriculum is a modular program delivered in an online learning format, designed to respond to the needs of working professionals in terms of scheduling and flexibility.

Courses are taught in seven-week modules. Your plan of study will be designed based on previously completed coursework. The program can be completed in as little as 12-18 months.

B.S. Nursing

Note: Per the New York State Education Department, the degree granted for all Bachelor of Science Nursing programs in New York State is a B.S. degree with a major in Nursing, not a BSN.

Unless otherwise noted, all courses are three credits each.


Required Core/Liberal Arts/Electives - 60 credits

A total of 60 liberal arts credits are required. These courses include:

  • St. John Fisher College Core requirements
  • ECON 221 - SQ Statistics I (taken as a prerequisite for NURS 333)
  • Ethics or bioethics (i.e., PHIL 124C, PHIL 250C, REST 130, REST 284D, or REST 387D)
  • Additional liberal arts, sciences, general elective courses

Required Nursing Courses - 30 credits

  • NURS 331 - Nursing as a Profession
  • NURS 332 - Caring for Populations (4)
  • NURS 333 - Evidence-Based Practice
  • NURS 451 - Leadership in Systems of Care
  • NURS 452 - Holistic Health Assessment (4)
  • NURS 456 - Nursing Informatics
  • NURS 457 - Patient-Centered Care and Quality
  • NURS 458 - Contemporary Professional Issues (4)
  • NURS 459 - Capstone Professional Portfolio

Transferred Nursing Courses - 30 credits

A total of 30 credits of nursing coursework may be transferred from an associate degree or hospital-based diploma nursing program.

Total: 120 credits

Note: A minimum grade of "C" must be earned in all courses required for the nursing major.

Credits from regionally accredited four-year schools may also be transferred (grade of "C" or higher); however, College policy requires that all students complete a minimum of 30 credits in residence at St. John Fisher College and that 30 of the last 36 credit hours of the degree program be taken in residence. Successful completion of College-Level Proficiency Exams (CLEP) and Excelsior College Exams (ECE) earn transfer credit but are not credits in residence.

Fast-Track Option for RN to BSN Online Students

If you are enrolled in the RN to BSN Online program and have a GPA of 3.3 or higher in your nursing courses, you may petition to complete graduate-level coursework after completing four undergraduate online RN to BSN courses and thus shorten the time needed to complete the M.S. in nursing degree.

The Fast-Track option allows you to substitute two graduate courses for undergraduate nursing courses as follows:

  • GNUR 507 – Health Policy (2) –and– GNUR 508 – Healthcare Delivery Systems (2)
    in place of NURS 458 – Contemporary Professional Issues (4)


  • GNUR 543 Advanced Pathophysiology (3)
    in place of NURS 459 – Capstone Professional Portfolio (3)

You may petition to take graduate courses after completing four undergraduate online RN to BSN courses with a GPA of 3.3 by submitting the RN-BS Petition for Graduate Courses [pdf].

Note: The information here is provided for informational purposes only. For exact requirements as well as course descriptions, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.