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Online M.S. in Library Media Program Requirements

The online M.S. in library media program is a 30 credit hour program leading to initial certification as a library media specialist (all grades) and professional certification in the candidate’s original area of certification.

The program is designed to be completed online in one calendar year. In addition to coursework, fieldwork, and practica as described below, candidates must take and pass the New York State Teacher Certification Examination in Library Media Specialist and meet any additional requirements at the time they apply for certification.

Starting in summer 2018, requirements for candidates in the M.S. in library media program are:

  • 24 credit hours of coursework at the graduate level specific to school librarianship (designated GLMS)
  • 100 clock hours of supervised fieldwork
  • Six credit hours of practicum

Each GLMS course entails one or more portfolio artifacts, and candidates are required to construct a professional portfolio with final reflection linking all the artifacts, as a graduation requirement.

M.S. in Library Media


  • GLMS 600 - Introduction to School Librarianship
  • GLMS 602 - Children’s Literature, Media, and Literacy
  • GLMS 604 - Adolescent Literature, Media, and Literacy
  • GLMS 606 - Inquiry and the Library Media Program
  • GLMS 608 - Managing the Library Media Program
  • GLMS 610 - Curriculum, Collaboration, and Leadership for the Library Media Specialist
  • GLMS 611 - Organization of Information
  • GLMS 612 - Information Literacy, Media Literacy, and New Literacies
  • GLMS 614 - Practicum in the Library Media Center: Elementary
  • GLMS 616 - Practicum in the Library Media Center: Secondary

Total: 30 credits

Note: Completion of the program requires 100 hours of supervised fieldwork and portfolio completion with final reflection linked to artifacts.

Note: The information here is provided for informational purposes only. For exact requirements as well as course descriptions, visit the Graduate Catalog.