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Tuition, Fees, and Estimated Costs

Fisher has crunched the numbers, and offers you a breakdown of the costs associated with earning your graduate degree.

Academics and reputation aren’t the only factors that go into choosing a graduate school. That’s why the College is committed to putting the cost of obtaining an advanced degree in reach of every prospective graduate student.

Due to the wide ranging impacts of COVID-19, St. John Fisher College will keep the 2020-2021 cost of attendance at the same rate as the 2019-2020 cost for all of our students. We made this decision as we make all of our decisions - with your best interests in mind and with our continued commitment to affordability at the center of our mission. We hope that this will be of assistance to you in an otherwise uncertain time.

Graduate Cost of Attendance 2020-21

Part-time Graduate Students

The following numbers are based on taking six (6) credits in the fall and six (6) credits in the spring in a master's program (excluding MBA) at $975 per credit hour. See below for specific master's and doctoral program costs.

Graduate Cost of Attendance
  Off Campus Living with Family
Tuition $11,700 $11,700
Fees $180 $180
Living Allowance (estimate) $12,650 $1,500
Books (estimate) $1,100 $1,100
Transportation (estimate) $600 $600
Personal (estimate) $900 $900
Estimated Cost of Attendance $27,130 $15,980

Note: The College bills directly for tuition and fees. Books, transportation, and personal expenses shown above are average costs and are not included on the semester bill.

Master's Programs

  • MBA - $1,160 per credit hour
  • All Other Programs - $975 per credit hour

Doctoral Programs

  • Pharmacy - $41,466 total fixed costs for the year
  • Pharm.D. Online$41,466 annual cost
  • Executive Leadership (Ed.D.) - $1,435 per credit hour
  • Nursing Practice (DNP) - $1,365 per credit hour

Figures are subject to change without notice.

For more information, refer to the Student Accounts Graduate Tuition and Fees page.

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