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Academic Dismissal and Appeals

Being dismissed academically from St. John Fisher College is a serious matter with a number of implications. If you have been dismissed, consider the following:

Implications of Academic Dismissal

  • Removal from courses in the following semester if no appeal is received by the first Committee meeting date as indicated on the dismissal letter.
  • Ineligibility to compete in NCAA athletics as defined by NCAA Bylaw 14.02.5.
  • Potential loss of housing assignment (if a resident).

Options If You've Been Dismissed

  • Appeal your dismissal
  • Take time off from school, evaluate your academic/professional goals, or focus on work
  • Attend community college to improve your college record and develop better academic habits. Any future appeal would require transcript(s) from the college(s) attended

Appealing Your Academic Dismissal

If you have been academically dismissed, you have an opportunity to appeal your dismissal to the Committee on Academic Standing. If successful, you will be placed on an Academic Success Plan. In order to appeal an academic dismissal, you must:

  • Submit the Academic Standing Form with strict adherence to deadlines indicated in your dismissal letter.
  • Submit any additional faculty/advisor support for the appeal as warranted and/or necessary to the Registrar's Office (see Appeal Form).

Appeals based on a medical condition must be accompanied by the Release of Protected Health Information for Academic Appeal [pdf], completed by a licensed health care provider, addressing the nature of the medical condition and the time span of treatment.

After an Academic Appeal is Submitted

The Academic Standing Committee will hear your appeal at the next Academic Standing Meeting. A decision letter will be sent by mail.

  • If approved, you must meet with a CCAP advisor to write an Academic Success Plan.
  • If denied, you will be withdrawn from all registered courses.

If you still have questions after reviewing this information, contact a CCAP advisor by phone at (585) 385-8050, or by email at