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Summer Research at Fisher

Get curious and grow your ideas, Fisher! Spend the summer engaging in a research experience.

We offer a competitive summer program for undergraduate students at St. John Fisher College to get involved in faculty-mentored research projects in a variety of disciplines and multidisciplinary collaborations. Explore the Summer Fellows Research Program to determine if it is the right fit for you to get involved or extend your research experience. The full 10-week program begins June 3 and ends August 12, 2019.


Summer Fellows students will:

  • Engage in an intensive summer research experience mentored by a full-time Fisher faculty member
  • Practice goal-setting and critical self-reflection through research
  • Communicate research findings to peers and broader community of scholars on/off the Fisher campus (poster printing fee is covered by this award)

Mentors will:

  • Intellectually engage the next generation of scholars in their discipline
  • Extend their scholarship and research, or mentor in a related area of expertise
  • Be supported (e.g. stipend, mentoring support) by the Center for Student Research & Creative Work


  • Current rising sophomore - rising senior undergraduate who will be continuing their study as a full-time Fisher student in the fall semester following the summer fellowship
  • Any major
  • GPA in Good Standing (at least 2.0)
  • Faculty can mentor a maximum of 2 Summer Fellows students
  • Past Summer Fellows awardees are ineligible and are encouraged to explore other opportunities with help from the Center for Student Research & Creative Work.

News for 2019

  • Mentors and students will be coached in using a new online platform called EvaluateUR. Fisher is participating as a pilot site for this National Science Foundation funded grant project led by Buffalo State, the Council on Undergraduate Research, California State University, and Carleton College. EvaluateUR will provide surveys at three points during the research experience to stimulate student reflection. Targeted mentoring tailored to each individual student and their personal growth will be employed.
  • Special projects will include:
    • University Radiation Medicine Foundation funded projects
      • Up to 4 students will be awarded stipends and research supply funds to investigate radiation medicine-related projects. Students in any major can propose work under this special project. One of the 4 projects can be cancer-related.
      • Funding for this special project has been made available by Fisher alum Dr. Timothy Kinsella and the University Radiation Medicine Foundation.
  • Skalny Science Center building 2nd floor will be closed for HVAC work for the entire summer. Any mentor who normally works in these spaces should consult with their Chair to make alternate arrangements should they wish to participate.

Additional Program Details

  • Student researchers and mentors will attend a kick-off meeting at the start of the program.
  • There will be a series of 3 "Coffee Talks" - informal gatherings where we will share our successes and challenges. Also, students will receive support on resume building and mentors will be supported in articulating their work with students into their CVs and evaluation narratives.
  • The Center also provides support for responsible conduct of research training, opportunities for publishing in undergraduate research journals, and a variety of other opportunities related to undergraduate research.
  • Students will be required to present their research at the 2020 Student Research and Creative Work Symposium.

Support Options

Options for Student Support (students and mentors decide & provide justification):

  • Tuition waiver (for 1-3 credits; 1 credit = 35 hours total for the 10 weeks)  OR  Summer stipend of up to $3,885 (depending on the number of hours per week for 10 weeks)
  • On-campus housing is not currently available.

Request for Supplemental Project Support (justification required):

  • Up to $450 for research supplies or project-related expenses (requests for travel support to conferences cannot be included here but instead can be made using the form under Travel Support)

Application Process

Open March 11 - April 5, 2019


  1. Consult with potential faculty mentors.
  2. Complete the online Summer Fellows Research Program Student Application.
  3. Submit the materials described below (saved as a single PDF file labeled as “Student Last Name_2019_SummerFellows”) to: email
    1. 1 page summary (12pt font, 1.5 line spacing, normal margins) geared toward a generally educated audience, free of disciplinary jargon, describing the research project and outcomes expected
      • If you are applying under the special project for the University Radiation Medicine Foundation, you should provide additional project details up to 3 pages in length. Articulate how and why your project fits under this special opportunity.
    2. 1-2 page student personal statement (12pt font, 1.5 line spacing, normal margins) using the following prompt:
      1. Describe two goals you have for yourself through your work as a potential Summer Fellow and identify how working to achieve these goals will help to prepare you for your future.
    3. A statement of your support request – choose ONE below and provide justification. Please be sure to consult with your mentor to ensure your request is appropriate for your proposed project.
      1. Request for a tuition waiver and number of credits up to a 3-credit maximum (keep in mind that a 1 credit hour experience requires 35 hours total over the 10 weeks)
      2. Request for a stipend of up to a $3,885 maximum (requires 35 hours per week for 10 weeks). You can also request a reduced stipend and calculate per hour ($11.10 paid per hour for summer 2019).
  4. Request a letter of support from either a professor you have had in past or current coursework in the discipline of the proposed research, or your current academic advisor. Your research mentor should not write this letter. This letter should be submitted via the online Student Applicant Support form.


Mentors need to prepare the project budget and justification for both the 1) budget and 2) number of student hours per week to be spent working on the project. This should be submitted via the online Summer Fellows Faculty Mentor Information form.

Application Deadline

All application components are due by Friday, April 5, 2019 at midnight.


Email Center Director, Dr. Kristin Picardo ( or stop by her office, ISHS 203.