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Parking Regulations and Fines

Vehicle registrants and operators must comply with all parking and traffic regulations and policies regarding registration, parking, and operation of vehicles.

Parking Regulations Overview

The College is authorized to regulate and enforce parking of faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the College.

Registered vehicles are not guaranteed a space based on limited available parking. Parking is on a "first-come, first-served" basis. It is the responsibility of all community members and visitors to park in lined spaces in the appropriately designated lots as indicated on the Parking Map [pdf].

The College reserves the right to place a wheel lock and/or tow, at the owner’s expense, any vehicle found in violation of traffic regulations. The College will not be responsible for the loss of, damage to, or theft of any vehicle on College property.

The College reserves the right to confiscate the keys of any person who, in the judgment of the Office Safety and Security, is unable to safely operate his/her vehicle.

In addition, please review the College’s parking and traffic regulations in the Student Code of Conduct.

Parking/Traffic Fines

Vehicles found in violation of parking and traffic regulations may be ticketed, wheel lock placed and/or be towed. Vehicle registrants are responsible for all fines and fees associated with policy enforcement.

Traffic fines will be assessed as follows per ticket:

  • Moving violations and/or speeding - $50
  • Parking in a fire lane - $35
  • Unauthorized handicap accessible parking - $35
  • All other traffic violations - $25

Traffic fines must be paid promptly. If a date is not specified, fines must be paid no later than the time of registration for the next semester. All financial obligations to the College must be satisfied prior to, or at the time of, registration for the next semester. Fines may be paid by mail, at Student Accounts, or the Office of Safety and Security. A hold will be placed on the accounts of students with outstanding unpaid fines.

Parking and Traffic Violation Appeals

The College reserves the right to enforce parking regulations and traffic violations in the Student Code of Conduct. However if a person feels they have been issued a ticket in error or there are extenuating circumstances, the appeals process is as follows:

  • Complete a Parking Ticket Appeals Request form stating the reasons and relevant information and submit it to the Office of Safety and Security.
  • The director of safety and security or his designee will review the form to determine if an error has been made or whether extenuating circumstances exist to grant the appeal. Such factors as previous history of violations or repeated violations will be taken into account.
  • The person making the appeal will be notified of the decision made in writing.
  • The director of safety and security will make the final decision in the appeal process.