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Undeclared Major at Fisher

Despite what you may think, it’s okay to be undecided … about your college major, that is.

Fisher's majors and minors listings are designed to be used in either of two ways. Incoming freshmen who know what they'd like to study can click on the program of their choice and learn the nitty-gritty details of what they're about to undertake. For undecideds like you – and you are not alone – the program pages can be viewed as an extensive menu of options at the ready.

Take a moment to review Fisher’s program offerings and see what catches your interest. Check out the particulars of all those that make the "maybe" cut. Most of all, don't let temporary indecision about a course of study keep you from deciding to join the Fisher family.

P.S. Once you're a Fisher student, the College's Core Curriculum is a great foundation for all students, but especially if you're undecided as its requirements amount to a sampling of many disciplines within Fisher's liberal arts framework.

In addition, the Center for Career and Academic Planning has academic counselors at the ready to help you explore your interests and passions to decide on the best academic program for you.