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Ethics Program Requirements

The ethics minor consists of six courses: two introductory courses and your choice of four electives from a slate of multidisciplinary offerings. These courses may count toward the College Core or another minor.

Minor in Ethics

A cumulative grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the minor.


Introductory Courses - 6 Credits

  • PHIL 124C - P2 Introductory Ethics (3)
    May be completed as part of a Learning Community
  • REST 130 - P2 Ethics in Action (3)

Electives - 12 Credits

All the following elective courses have an emphasis on ethics and are offered in the areas of philosophy, international relations, legal studies, the environment, the media, health care, business, human relationships, social policy, peace and social justice, and religion.

Choose FOUR courses from the following group.

  • COMM 205 - P3 Media Issues in Contemporary Culture (3)
  • COMM 346 - Media Law and Ethics (3)
  • CSCI 140C - P2 Computer and Internet Ethics (3)
  • PHIL 235 - P2 Environmental Ethics (3)
  • PHIL 250C - P2 Bioethics (3)
  • PHIL 260C - P3 Philosophy of Law (3)
  • PHIL 273C - Business Ethics (3)
  • PSJS 250P - P5 Social Change Through Service (3)
  • PSJS 260P - P5 Global Issues in Peace and Social Justice (3)
  • PSJS 270 - CC Ethics and World Ecology (3)
  • PSJS 275 - P3 Sustainable Futures (3)
  • REST 177D - CC Values, Leadership, and Religion (3)
  • REST 183D - P5 Church and Culture (3)
  • REST 272P - CC Martin and Malcolm (3)
  • REST 284D - P2 Morality and Contemporary Society (3)
  • REST 289P - CC Alienation and Powerlessness (3)
  • REST 301 - P2 Law and Ethics (3)
  • REST 325 - P5 Spirituality and Health (3)
  • REST 338 - P2 Morality in Leadership (3)
  • REST 352D - P5 Marriage & Sexuality (3)
  • REST 386D - Morality in Business (3)
  • REST 387D - P2 Medical Ethics and Society (3)
  • SOCI 205 - CC Savage Inequalities (3)
  • SOCI 210 - P2 Crimes and Corporations (3)
  • SPST 420 - Sport Leadership and Ethics (3)

Note: To complete the 12 credit hour elective requirement, a student may pursue one independent study course with a member of the Ethics Advisory Committee. The course explores one or more ethics topics related to the student’s chosen major.

Ethics Minor Capstone - 0 credits

Ethics minors must complete an ethics section in their ePortfolio to include assignments and reflections on the ethics courses taken, as well as a final ethics reflection that considers the significance of the minor's ethics and values education for personal and professional life.

Some freshmen, depending on the requirements of their particular first-year Learning Community, will already have created ePortfolios and may build on this for the ethics minor. Other students, including transfer students, may need to create their ePortfolios. In either case, students may meet with the program director for the ethics minor or their ethics minor advisor for assistance with this requirement.

Total: 18 credits

Note: No more than three courses used to satisfy the student's major requirements may also be applied to the ethics minor.

Note: The information here is provided for informational purposes only. For exact requirements as well as course descriptions, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.