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Logos and Presidential Seal

Requesting Use of Logos

To request use of the St. John Fisher College logo, athletics logo, or cardinal head logo, submit a Logo Request form. We will review all requests and send you the appropriate file, if approved.

College Logo

The St. John Fisher College logo is the primary visual representation of the College. The logo can be displayed in cardinal red, black, or white. The logo should not be produced in any other colors or tints of the approved colors.

Always present the logo in its entirety. The steeple alone should never be used, even if the words "St. John Fisher College" appear elsewhere. In addition, never outline or add a drop shadow to the logo. Do not stretch or distort the logo in any way.

Need a logo? Submit the Logo Request form.

CORRECT Uses of College Logo

Examples of correct St. John Fisher College steeple logo usage (red version, black version, white version on red background)

INCORRECT Uses of College Logo

Examples of incorrect St. John Fisher College steeple logo usage (faded red version, yellow version, drop shadow version, white with black outline version, and steeple without words).

Please Note: The logo is not a font that can be replicated. See the section on typography for suggested fonts.

College Seal

The St. John Fisher College seal is reserved for formal uses only— on diplomas, transcripts, commencement materials, and other official institutional materials.

Other than the above-mentioned applications, the College seal may not be used without the express permission of the director of marketing and communications.

College seal versions in color and black and white (Sancti Joannis Fisher Roffensis Sigillum Collegii)

Athletics Logo

The athletics logo includes the full name of the College to avoid confusion with other schools with a Cardinal mascot. This mark is to be used in its entirety and not disassembled into its component parts. The logo is available in color or in black and white. Do not stretch or distort the logo in any way.

Variations of this logo are available for all intercollegiate and some club sports.

St. John Fisher College Athletics logo

Cardinal Head

The cardinal head alone (separate from the Athletics logo) is used to represent athletics, the College, and/or the students of the College.

The cardinal head faces right and is available in color, black and white, cardinal red, white, and gray scale. Do not flip the head of the Cardinal to face left. Do not stretch, distort, or embellish the cardinal head in any way.

CORRECT Use of Cardinal Head

Examples of correct cardinal head usage (full color, gray scale, black and white, red outline, and white outline on red background)

INCORRECT Use of Cardinal Head

Examples of incorrect cardinal head usage (full color logo facing left, yellow outline logo)