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IRB Documents and Forms


Exempt Review Application [pdf]
An exempt proposal is one that does not require full IRB committee review, as it poses no risk to human subjects. The chair of the IRB reviews exempt proposals. Please allow at least two weeks for approval.

Expedited Review Application [pdf]
Proposals for projects, which involve minimal risk to human subjects, should be submitted as an expedited review, which involves a review by a few members of the committee. Please allow at least one month for approval.

Full Review Application [pdf]
Proposals for projects which involve more than minimal risk to human subjects should be submitted for review by the entire committee for a full review. Normally, full reviews require a presentation to the full committee by the researcher to answer any questions the committee may have.

Renewal Application [pdf]
All research is initially approved for one year. Any approved research that goes beyond one year must have an approved renewal application form (or Continuing Review Report of Human Subjects Research) on file. Renewed research applications are approved for one year.

Application for Course Projects Involving Human Subjects [pdf]
For course instructors only. This form should only be completed when class projects will fall within the "exempt" category of research.

Change in Protocol Form [pdf]
Any change to an approved research protocol requires the submission of this form. A modification is defined as any change to a protocol from what was previously approved including changes in research procedures, the informed consent process, and/or the consent/assent document.

Miscellaneous Forms