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Pharmacy Student Center

Pharmacy Student Organizations

APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP)

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is the largest pharmacist organization in the United States with over 62,000 members. APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) has at its mission to be the voice of the students in raising awareness about the role of pharmacists in health care, to assist one another in growing as professionals, to collaborate with other organizations and with one another to advance the future of medicine and pharmacy.

The Wegmans School of Pharmacy APhA-ASP chapter, through our actions, advance the profession of pharmacy and our community. We are actively engaged in events such as: fundraisers (e.g., Wegmans School of Pharmacy embroidered jackets, student business cards, and padfolios), BBQs, social and networking events, guest pharmacist lectures, CV workshops, counseling competitions, advocating the profession of pharmacy, community service opportunities, and various awareness events (e.g., teaching adolescents about over-the-counter medications). Chapter meetings occur every two weeks during the open lunch hour with some exceptions. The discussions involve upcoming events, annual voting for executive positions within the organization, guest presentations, as well as mini lectures on disease states about which the group is raising awareness.

President: Joelle Arieno (P3)
President-Elect: Martin Peace (P2)
Membership Vice President: Bethany Toole (P3)
Events Coordinator: Stephanie Pilat (P2)
Finance Vice President: Mikaela Brown (P3)
Patient Care Vice President: Na Chen (P3)
Policy Vice President: Ciarra Bodnar (P3)
Communications Vice President: Shane Cieri (P2)
Fundraising Chair: Torie Fyles (P3)
Generation Rx Chair: Carrie Schuman (P3)
Operation Diabetes Co-Chairs: Sareli Bonilla (P3) and Komul Bedi (P3)
Operation Heart Chair: Rachel Prosser (P3)
Operation Immunization Chair: Amy Newhouse (P3)
Faculty Advisors: Drs. Elizabeth Sutton Burke and Kelly Conn
National Website:

Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI)

Founded in 1991, IHI has grown from an initial collection of grant-supported programs to a self-sustaining organization with worldwide influence. IHI offers many resources for student development and leadership. One example is the IHI Open School, an online educational curriculum and community that provides students and health care professionals with the skills to become change agents in health care improvement.

The St. John Fisher College student chapter of IHI, with Wegmans School of Pharmacy leadership, has three main goals. First, generate local awareness of quality improvement, patient safety, and leadership among the next generation of healthcare professionals. Second, advance quality improvement and patient safety competencies locally and lastly, promote inter-professional collaboration amongst the next generation of healthcare professionals by working with both the Wegmans School of Pharmacy and Wegmans School of Nursing.

President: Kaitlyn Ryan (P3)
President Elect: (P2)
Treasurer: Bashiyra Doss (P2)
Secretary: Ashley Blaakman (P2)
P2 Representative: Ryan Van Sice (P2)
Events Coordinator: Lauren Allen (P2)
Communications: Bashiyra Doss (P3)
Pharmacy Student Liaison: Alexandria Bertalli (P2)
Fundraising Chair: Jason Powell (P2)
Curriculum Chair: Mackenzie Roberts (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jill Lavigne
National Website:

Phi Delta Chi Professional Fraternity

Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmacy organization founded nationally in 1883. Our chapter, Gamma Zeta, has had 125 members since our establishment in 2009 at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy and currently we have over 50 active Brothers. We pride ourselves on our philanthropic endeavors nationally to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and also within our community of Rochester, NY. In addition to our service events, we hold biannual local retreats for our members and have monthly social activities.

President: Spencer Phillips (P3)
Vice President: Hailey Button (P2)
Correspondent: Ali Mann (P3)
Treasurer: Ed Rouse (P3)
Secretary: Cassie Knowlton (P2)
Rush Coordinators: Jessica Colmerauer (P3)and Michael Strumpfler (P2)
Fundraising Chair: Derek Draper (P3)
Social Chair: Jill Owens (P3)
Historian: Emily Gadarowski (P2)
Professional Chair: Stephanie Pilat (P2)
Scholarship/Leadership Chair: Erin Pfenninger (P2)
Alumni Liaison: Emily Kuba (P3)
Faculty Advisors: Drs. Keith DelMonte and Shawn Fellows
National Website:

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI)

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) is a worldwide organization with a mission to serve Christ and the world through pharmacy. The core values of CPFI are to provide like-minded professionals the opportunity to network with each other and grow spiritually, encourage the integration of faith into pharmacy practice, encourage the advancement of ethics in pharmacy practice and to provide support and opportunities for both domestic and foreign medical missions. Some of the ways CPFI promotes these values include holding an annual conference and a national student retreat, publishing the journal, Christianity & Pharmacy, and providing scholarships and other opportunities for students and pharmacists to participate in both short-term and long-term medical mission trips.

The student CPFI chapter at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy provides opportunities for students to grow in their faith and serve others in the Rochester community and around the world. Fundraisers are held each semester to raise money for students participating in medical mission trips and for projects such as Operation Christmas Child in which gifts are sent to children in need around the world. CPFI also offers a scholarship to students participating in a foreign mission trip.

President: Sareli Bonilla (P3)
Vice President: Juliette Miller (P2)
Volunteer Coordinator: Ashley Blaakman (P3)
Treasurer/Fundraiser Coordinator: Na Chen (P3)
Faculty Advisors: Drs. Christine Birnie and Alex DeLucenay
National Website:

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

The Wegmans School of Pharmacy’s SSHP chapter is affiliated with the New York State Council of Health-System Pharmacists (NYSCHP) and is recognized by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). ASHP advocates for and supports pharmacists in hospitals, health-systems, and ambulatory care clinic settings. Their vision is that medication use is optimal, safe, and effective for all people all of the time. They are strong proponents of pharmacy residencies.

Our student chapter’s goal is to expose our members to various opportunities in health-system pharmacy as well as be involved in community care activities. Some of our activities include presentations by local health-system pharmacists, informational sessions on residencies, an annual pharmacy intern panel, participating in ASHP’s clinical skills competition, holding community blood pressure screenings, fundraising for local charities, tours of hospital inpatient pharmacies, and attending and presenting a poster at ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting. We hope to provide our members with these experiences to help develop their interest in health-system pharmacy and prepare them for their future after graduation.

President: Jordan Siembor (P3)
President-Elect: Tia Bullard (P2)
Treasurer: Jill Owens (P3)
Secretary: Ali Mann (P3)
Events Coordinator: Jessica Hall (P2)
Volunteer Coordinator: Samantha Sherry (P2)
Historian: Christy Wilkinson (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Zak
National Website:

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) is a nationally recognized pharmacy organization that focuses on medication management in the aging population. Our drug expertise is really put to use when reviewing patient charts and managing their medications and side effects. We offer shadowing opportunities with a consultant pharmacist that tailors your experience to your level of knowledge in the pharmacy curriculum. Baby boomers are not getting any younger and consultant pharmacists are going to be utilized more and more to manage this population’s health in long-term care/nursing homes. If you are interested in optimizing medication regimens and fully utilizing your drug knowledge, you will enjoy being a member of ASCP.

Throughout the year ASCP offers opportunities for students to get out of the classroom and out into the community. We volunteer yearly at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and we regularly participate in blood pressure clinics for the employees at LiDestri Foods. We do a fundraiser each year for pharmacy white coat clipboards that conveniently fit in your white coat pocket! Our meetings typically occur once a month. This group is very open to any ideas for new events and welcomes all new members.

President: Na Chen (P3)
Vice President/President-elect: TBD
Secretary: Athena Rigle (P3)
Treasurer: Ashley Blanchard (P3)
Historian: Heni Patel (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kobi Nathan
National Website:

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)

The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is an educational service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about pharmacy and healthcare related issues, and the poor minority representation in pharmacy and other health-related professions. Our purpose is to plan programs geared toward the improvement for the health, educational and social environment of the community. We educate our community on better health practices and increase their awareness and understanding of diseases through programs such as Power to End Stroke, Diabetes Initiative, Chronic Kidney Disease Initiative, Remember the Ribbon, and Operation Immunization and by providing support for the programs and initiatives of the Wegmans School of Pharmacy Diversity Committee.

President: Carrie-Jo Farrugia (P3)
President-elect: Matthew Cheung (P2)
Vice President: Lauren Allen (P3)
Secretary: Alexandria Bertalli (P3)
Treasurer: Alyssa Romaine (P3)
Historian: Renee Deruchia (P3)
Diabetes Co-chairs: Anna Morris (P3) and Rachel Prosser (P3)
CKD Co-Chairs: Satti Eissa (P3) and Kiro Ibrahim (P3)
Operation Immunization Co-Chairs: Ashley Blaakman (P3) and Christey Wilkinson (P3)
Power to End Stroke Co-Chairs: Jason Powell (P3) and Kaitlyn Ryan (P3)
Remember the Ribbon Co-Chairs: Shane Cieri (P2) and Mackenzie Roberts (P3)
Faculty Advisors: Drs. Gabriela Cipriano and Fang Zhao
National Website:

Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society

The mission of the Rho Chi Society is to encourage and recognize excellence in intellectual achievement, and to advocate critical inquiry in all aspects of pharmacy. Our society encourages high standards of conduct and character and fosters fellowship among its members. The national organization envisions that it will seek universal recognition of its members as lifelong intellectual leaders in pharmacy. As a community of scholars, the society instills the desire to pursue intellectual excellence and critical inquiry to advance the profession.

President: Torie Fyles (P3)
Vice President: Karlie Mahan (P3)
Secretary: Mikaela Brown (P3)
Treasurer: Komul Bedi (P3)
Historian: Jennifer Trovato (P3)
Faculty Advisors: Drs. David Hutchinson and Dr. Ramil Sapinoro
National Website

College of Psychiatric/Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP)

The College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) is a national organization of pharmacists that seeks to advance the reach and practice of neuropsychiatric pharmacists. CPNP actively promotes the inclusion of neuropsychiatric pharmacists as an important member in the healthcare team to improve the outcomes of those living with mental illnesses. The vision of CPNP is to have every individual living with a psychiatric or neurologic disorder to be under the care of a health team that includes a neuropsychiatric pharmacists to be accountable for optimal medication therapy.

The mission of CPNP student chapter at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy is to educate student pharmacists on the specialty of psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy. The CPNP student chapter promotes the importance of mental health advocacy and the roles in which pharmacists and student pharmacists play to help expand our expertise in this particular field. By becoming a member of CPNP, you are playing an active role in the growth and expansion of the organization and the profession.

President: Vanessa Clarcq (P3)
President-Elect: Jenna Stogsdill (P2)
Vice-President: Komul Bedi (P3)
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: Raquel Roberts (P3)
Historian: Bryanna Giannetto (P2)
Technical Liaison: Jason Powell (P3)
Volunteer Coordinator: Briana Pangrazio (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christopher Noel
National Website:

American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy's purpose is to improve human health by expanding the frontiers of clinical pharmacy. ACCP's mission is to:

  • Provide leadership, professional development, advocacy, and resources to enable clinical pharmacists to achieve excellence in practice, research, and education.
  • Advance clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy through support of research, education, and training.
  • Promote innovative science, develop successful models of practice, and disseminate new knowledge to advance pharmacotherapy and patient care.

Members of ACCP are characterized by a passion for extending the frontiers of clinical pharmacy, and a dedication to excellence in patient care, research, and education. Alongside these values are a commitment to challenge and improve upon the status quo, integrity, honesty, reliability, and accountability in all actions, and the courage to lead while remaining flexible.

The student chapter of ACCP additionally seeks to promote knowledge and recognition of the different fields of clinical pharmacy among students, as well as to hone their clinical counseling and research abilities.

President: Bethany Lane (P3)
President-elect: Bibi Sulaiman (P2)
Treasurer: Karlie Mahan (P3)
Secretary: Mariah Haley (P3)
Student Liaison: TBD
Events Coordinator: Holly Kalb (P3)
Volunteer Chair: Michelle Ubowski (P3)
Mentorship Chair: Lauren Allen (P3)
Membership Chair: Alex Cain (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Connor
National Website:

Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS)

The mission of Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) is to support pharmacy leadership commitment by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development. To that end PLS works to: ensure the continuing availability of student and practitioner leaders for the profession of pharmacy, acknowledge leadership achievement and award membership to leaders, and enhance the talent, skill, and effectiveness of leaders for the profession of pharmacy.

Co-Presidents: Joy Snyder (P4) and Mariah Haley (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mona Gandhi
National Website:

Pharmacists Society of the State of New York - Academy of Student Pharmacists (PSSNY)

The aim of PSSNY is to unite the pharmacists of the state for mutual assistance, encouragement, and improvement in order to maintain the standard of pharmacy practice at a high professional and ethical level.

President: Spencer Phillips (P3)
President-elect: Samantha Sherry (P2)
Vice President: Joelle Arieno (P3)
Secretary: Holly Kalb (P3)
Treasurer: Zachary Lewis (P2)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gabriela Cipriano
State Website:

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)

The National Community Pharmacists Association represents the pharmacist owners, managers, and employees of independent community pharmacies. Students who are interested in the various entrepreneurial opportunities within pharmacy will find valuable resources available through their NCPA membership.

President: Holly Kalb (P3)
Vice-President: John Crean (P3)
Treasurer: Rachel Prosser (P3)
Secretary: Carrie-Jo Farrugia (P3)
Events Coordinator: Laurent Allen (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karl Williams
National Website:

Pharmacy Student Government Association (PSGA)

The Pharmacy Student Government Association is a student led organization designed to represent the voices of all students within the Wegmans School of Pharmacy. Its mission is to develop and maintain lasting relationships among students, faculty, alumni, staff, and administration through coordinated events, maintaining professionalism and integrity, and providing a positive environment for learning and professional development. The PSGA facilitates communication between the student body and the administration, faculty, and staff of the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David McCaffrey

P4 Officers

President: Syle Chupp
Vice President: Alixandra Mann
Treasurer: Edward Rouse
Secretary: Anna Morris
Historian: Sarah Bisesi

P3 Officers

President: Hailey Button
Vice President: Emily Gadarowski
Treasurer: Joy Uzoma
Secretary: Zerina Zornic
Historian: Cassandra Knowlton
Events Coordinator: Kristen Poteat
Student Honor Council: Jessica Kimble and Ryan VanSice

P2 Officers

President: Brittni Thomas
Vice President: Albania Mitchell
Treasurer: Amy Gerula
Secretary: Gurminder Mina Sanghera
Historian: Emily Geraci
Events Coordinator: Alicia Kessler
Student Honor Council: Jenna Houk and Vito Zagarrio

P1 Officers

President: Rush Stevens
Vice President: Billy DePasquale
Treasurer: Mariamawit Dante
Secretary: Sarah Masri
Historian: Alicia Vassallo
Events Coordinator: Jaqueline Liptak
Student Honor Council: Lauren Adamchick and Jake Bird