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Assistant Professor
Kelly Conn

Ph.D., University of Rochester
MPH, University of Rochester
B.S., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Conn received her bachelor's degree in biology from Edinboro University in 1994 and master's degree in public health, with a concentration in epidemiology, from the University of Rochester in 2005. She went on to pursue a doctorate in education and human development (2013) and an academic postdoctoral fellowship at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy (2014-2015).

Dr. Conn joined the Wegmans School of Pharmacy as an assistant professor of pharmacy practice and administration in August 2015. She currently co-teaches literature evaluation and journal club courses and her teaching focuses on biostatistics, epidemiology, and research methods.

Prior to joining the Wegmans School of Pharmacy, Dr. Conn served as the director of the Center for Research Support and the director of Patient and Family Centered Care Research Support at URMC. In these roles she collaborated on large scale clinical trials and quality improvement projects. She is experienced in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including study design, survey development, data collection strategies, and data analyses and interpretation.

Dr. Conn’s research interests focus on the impact of new technologies, beliefs about medications, and social/emotional factors on patients’ adherence to treatment. She has successfully published articles on beliefs about medications and emotional states among families of children with asthma and co-authored a chapter on pediatric adherence to treatment regimens in Primary Pediatric Care (5th edition). She is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and serves as an invited peer reviewer for several scientific journals including Journal of Asthma, Academic Pediatrics, and Pediatrics.

Selected Publications

  • Conn KM, Fisher SG, Rhee H. Parent and child independent report of emotional responses to asthma-specific vignettes: the relationship between emotional states, self-management behaviors, and symptoms. Journal of Pediatric Nursing 2015, in press.
  • Conn KM, Swanson D, McQuaid E, Douthit K, Fisher SG. The relationship between helplessness and the child's asthma symptoms: The role of social support. Journal of Asthma 2014;1-12.
  • Fagnano M, Halterman JS, Conn KM, Shone LP. Health Literacy and Sources of Health Information for Caregivers of Urban Children with Asthma. Clinical Pediatrics 2012;51(3):267-273.
  • Shone LP, Conn KM, Sanders L, Halterman JS. The Role of Parent Health Literacy among Urban Children with Persistent Asthma. Patient Education and Counseling. 2009;75(3):368-375.
  • Conn KM, Hernandez T, Puthoor P, Fagnano M, Halterman JS. Screen Time Use Among Children with Asthma. Academic Pediatrics, 2009;9(1):60-63.
  • Conn KM, Halterman JS, Cabana M. The Impact of Parents' Medication Beliefs on Asthma Management. Pediatrics. 2007;120:e521-526.
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