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Associate Professor and Program Director, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Ph.D., SUNY-Albany

Dr. Rockell received her Ph.D. from the School of Criminal Justice, University at Albany, after a 25 year career in the field of juvenile and criminal justice. She has worked in the area of child protective services, taught college courses in a maximum security facility, and held positions at both the state (NYS Commission of Correction, NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services) and local (Monroe County Sheriff’s Office) levels of criminal justice. She has been professionally involved in state and county government, criminal, and juvenile justice agencies for decades.

Dr. Rockell’s areas of scholarly interest include female criminality and the history of punishment. In 2008, she published Women street hustlers: Who they are and how they survive, a book detailing her ethnographic research of the street lives of 60 women incarcerated in a local county jail. 

Dr. Rockell also has published in the Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture and the Journal of Criminal Justice Education. Her most recent research involved life course interviews with 20 women being held in four rural county jails, the results of which were presented in a paper at the American Society of Criminology and are currently being prepared for publication. Future research interests include an examination of jail law; prison impacts on communities; and rural criminality.