Museum Studies Program Requirements

All students pursuing the certificate in museum studies must take two required courses and three elective courses. The certificate normally requires 15 credit hours.*

Museum Studies Certificate

To earn the certificate in museum studies, the student must complete each course declared to be part of the program with a grade of at least a "C" (2.00) and achieve a grade point average of a 2.50 for all five courses. A student may transfer only two courses from another institution to be applied to the certificate, and the internship course may not be transferred.


Introductory Course - 3 credits

  • ARTS/MSTD 228D - P3 Introduction to Museum Studies

Internship - 3 credits

  • MSTD 490 - Internship*

This course may be taken in the student’s major or minor department. The internship must: take place with a museum, archive, or historic site; include an analytic research paper on a significant aspect of museum studies, as appropriate to the particular internship experience; and be approved in advance by the program director, regardless of what other requirements the internship course has for the department in which it listed.

Electives - 9 credits

Choose THREE courses from the following group.

  • AMST/ARTS 201C - P1 Picturing the Past
  • ARTS/MSTD 229D - P3 This Old House - Historic Site Administration
  • COMM 269 - Web Design
  • HIST 202 - P1 Women and Gender in the 19th Century**
  • HIST 296D - History of Rochester**
  • HIST 298D - New York State History**
  • HIST 390 - Public History: Historians and the Community
  • HIST 395 - The Usable Past

Total: 15 credits

*Students pursuing the certificate who have already earned a baccalaureate degree and who have at least one year of experience with the operation of a museum or archive (paid or unpaid) may petition the director to substitute a one–to–three credit MSTD 496 Independent Study for the 490 Internship requirement. This course will consist of preparing an analytic research paper on a significant aspect of museum studies. The topic must be approved by the director, and the student must complete the Independent Study/Tutorial Authorization form. These students may complete the certificate with 13–15 credit hours.

**Only one course from HIST 202, 296D or 298D may be applied to the certificate.

Note: The information here is provided for informational purposes only. For exact requirements as well as course descriptions, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.