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Golisano Institute Resources

Nurse Practitioner Residency Curriculum

Two nurses working with a patient.

A new and first of its kind curriculum designed for integration into existing primary care nurse practitioner residency programs to improve the health care experience for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) has been developed by nursing faculty at the Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing at St. John Fisher College’s Wegmans School of Nursing.

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Resources for Caregivers

A home care assistant helps a man in a chair.

Explore a collection of educational resources to address health and wellness needs faced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their caregivers. The resources have been created for use by friends, family, and caregivers of individuals with IDD who may be involved in full-time or incidental care. 

Topics covered include mask desensitization, social distancing, recognizing signs of illness, and more. These skills are relevant during a pandemic, but their application can extend to other common challenges for individuals with IDD.

Explore Resources for Caregivers

Educational Materials

Behavioral Skills Teaching-Training for Caregivers

Teaching a person new skills can be a challenge for caregivers. Behavioral Skills Training (BST) is a user-friendly, effective, and research-tested teaching method that can be used for learners of all ages. The BST guide was created to give caregivers the ability to teach a range of new skills effectively and consistently. The importance of the BST method as a first step for teaching health and wellness skills, as well as other key capabilities, cannot be overstated.

Learn the basics of Behavioral Skills Teaching: COVID-19 Behavior Skills Teaching [pdf] 

Mask and Aversive Item Desensitization

Individuals with sensory issues related to IDD might find masks extremely uncomfortable and difficult to tolerate. The skills gained from these training resources will help caregivers to acclimate individuals with IDD to mask-wearing, as well as other health devices like glasses, dental equipment, and hearing aids. 

Explore Mask-Wearing Training Materials: