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Liberal Arts at Lunch Series: Contemporary Issues of Liberty

The Liberal Arts at Lunch Series will offer five seminars that will each be offered twice during the first two weeks of the month.

Date: January 4, 2021 - January 4, 2021
Time: Noon
Location: Zoom (Register in advance for link)

Hosted by the School of Arts and Sciences

Students are invited to attend any day at noon, but must register ahead of time. Seminars will include:

Contemporary Issues of Liberty, led by Dr. Carolyn Vacca and Dr. Fred Dottolo
Mondays at 12 noon (Jan. 4 and 11)

Examine issues of personal liberty and public health, voter participation, and protest through the lens of historical concepts of liberty.

Resilience and the Human Body, led by Dr. Zach Murphy
Tuesdays at 12 noon (Jan. 5 and 12)

Investigate case studies of pathologies and traumas that lead to either death or demonstrate the extreme resiliency of the body.

Art and Imagination in the Time of COVID, led by Prof. Jonas Gage and Prof. Anastasia Nikolis
Wednesdays at 12 noon (Jan 6. and 13)

These workshops will be an opportunity to reflect on this past year and think creatively about our future.

Learning About Learning, led by Dr. Sara Goodman
Thursdays at 12 noon (Jan. 7 and 14)

When learning and studying, students often rely on long-standing practices that yield mixed results, but can be easily modified to improve learning.

Guided Meditation, led by Dr. Melissa Goodwin
Fridays at 12 noon (Jan. 8 and 15)

Pause to explore mindfulness practices and meditation and progress through learning, practicing, and reflecting on various practices used for relaxation and well-being.

If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, register online.