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Tree Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Learn about Fisher's beautiful trees through this fun, educational scavenger hunt challenge! Learn about some cool plants AND enter for a chance to win a prize!

Date: September 15, 2020 - October 1, 2020
Time: All Day Event
Location: St. John Fisher College Campus

Hosted by the Plant Biology Lab

The Scavenger Hunt runs from Tuesday, Sept. 15 through Thursday, Oct. 1. How can you participate in this wholesome activity?

  • Go to the Tree Scavenger Hunt Map and choose a “color line” to follow (blue or red). 
    • The red line consists of 13 trees, numbered (possibly) 1 - 14
    • The blue line consists of 12 trees, numbered (possibly) 1 - 13
  • Visit all of the trees and look for a scavenger hunt “clue card” with the tree's number on it. 
    • While you are there, click the map point to watch videos made by Plant Biology students and learn more about the tree!
  • Keep track of the numbers you find. Each scavenger hunt color line is missing one number.
  • Go to this Google Form to report which number is missing from the scavenger hunt color line you followed and to enter our drawing for a $25 Cardinal Cash bonus!

Do you want to learn to identify more of our campus trees? Check out this tree key for our area, created by Professor Maier and field tested by the Plant Biology students.