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ENGL 103/104 Writing Workshop

The Writing Workshop (English 103 in the fall, English 104 in the spring) is a one-credit course designed to help first-year students meet or exceed Fisher's writing goals.

The workshop is designed to help writers who need extra structure and/or feedback in order to succeed in English 101 or a writing-intensive Learning Community. For the workshop, students complete 10 tutorials in the Writing Center. Students bring work from their current classes; no additional work is assigned.

The Writing Workshop gives students close consultation with experienced writers outside of class. It puts writers in closer contact with their instructors and allows them to set and achieve goals. Most importantly, it provides writers with a structure that offers them the additional instruction and support they need to succeed in English 101 or their Learning Community.

Some students will be required to take English 104: The Writing Workshop in the spring semester if they receive a grade below a "C" in English 101 (or below a "C" in either of their Learning Community classes for a writing-intensive Learning Community). If you are so notified in the spring, you do not have the option of refusing to take the workshop; this assignment is mandatory.

Getting Started

To enroll, see Dr. Nicolay, the Writing Center director, to complete an "Add" form. You will be adding a 1-credit course, English 103 (or 104 in the spring), with its own CRN.

The average visit lasts about 30 minutes. Be prepared to work during each consultation (i.e., readings should have been completed prior to the consultation; assignments and guidelines should be on hand). Consultants can help you with brainstorming, revising, polishing, and other issues, including developing an effective writing process.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, you can cancel the appointment by contacting the Writing Center. If you have difficulty cancelling an appointment, call the Writing Center. The Writing Center notifies your instructor when you fail to show up for an appointment. If you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment or repeatedly cancel appointments, you will no longer be allowed to sign up in advance for appointments. Multiple no-shows may cause you to fail the workshop.