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Math Center FAQs

Get answers to all your questions about the Math Center.

What services does the Math Center provide?

The Math Center offers one-on-one and group instruction by peer tutors. We assist students with the development of the mathematical understanding necessary to succeed in their undergraduate courses.

Who are the tutors that work in the Math Center?

All Math Center tutors are Fisher undergraduate students, most of whom are math majors. The staff also includes MSTI, science, business, and English majors.

Can all the tutors assist me?

Yes and no. Tutor expertise varies, so you should determine which tutors are designated for your course on the Math Center Schedule

Do you have to be taking a math class to come to the Math Center?

Tutors can assist you with math skills and concepts that are related to non-math courses such as CHEM101 or ECON221. You can also come to the Math Center to work on the basic computational and algebraic skills that are necessary to succeed in your present or future courses. In addition, we help students prepare for math entrance and certification exams.

How do I prepare for a math tutoring session?

Prior to coming to the Math Center, students should review relevant course material such as the class notes, textbook, and syllabus. Make an attempt to complete any assignments or practice exercises beforehand. Tutors will not do your work for you, but they will answer your questions and help you work through problems.

How do I become a tutor in the Math Center?

If you enjoy helping others and have a love and aptitude for mathematics then you are a great candidate. Please see the Math Center coordinator for more details.

Where can I get more information about the Math Center?

You can find us on the third level of the Golisano Gateway, email us at, or call 385-8407.