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American Institute for Foreign Study Information

The information below is the most updated information we have from our partner, the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS).

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated February 29, 2020

Can students stay in Italy and in AIFS housing?

AIFS housing will not be available beyond March 8. We expect students will return home on the earliest possible date. We further urge students to contact their home institution, as their status as a student may be adversely impacted for failure to return home promptly.

Is there a date by which students need to leave their apartment? 

Students should plan for departure as soon as possible.  Housing will remain available to students until Sunday, March 8. Students having difficulty securing flights must contact their Resident Director to make alternative arrangements.

What is the policy if a student is on an AIFS flight, but wants to travel and return home later?

It is our position that students should leave Italy as soon as possible and return home.

Will students be able to finish courses remotely?

Yes, that is our plan. AIFS is collaborating with Richmond on this process. We will provide details to students and their home schools as soon as possible.

Are students able to complete their semester in London or some other AIFS location?

Unfortunately, that is not an option. Housing, visas, courses and other issues prevent this possibility.

What is the visa situation once the program is closed?

The visa is valid until its expiration date.

How long does health insurance remain valid?

Health insurance remains valid until 30 days beyond the original end date of the program while abroad.  It ceases upon return to the U.S.

What will students be refunded?

We will be determining partial refunds in the coming days.

How will this affect financial aid/scholarships?

Students should consult with their home school financial aid office and study abroad advisor.

Will students be refunded for future scheduled independent travel?

Students must assume responsibility for procuring any refunds directly from the entities through which they booked their independent travel.

Can a student on AIFS flights return to a different city than they originally requested?

No. While it is possible to change flight dates, it is not possible to change the routing.

Will there be a quarantine process or screening when students return to the U.S.?

This will be dictated by U.S. border control or home institution.

If a student is travelling outside the country and does not want to come back to Florence, can they keep their housing until the original program end date?

We cannot permit students to remain in housing. We expect them to leave their apartment by March 8 at the absolute latest.

We appreciate your patience as we work to bring students home as quickly and safely as possible.