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Quarantine and Isolation at Fisher

There are different reasons why students may be required to quarantine or isolate during COVID-19. The College has several supports in place for those in quarantine or isolation.

Types of Quarantine and Isolation

Last updated March 17, 2021

Mandatory Quarantine and Isolation | Travel Self Quarantine | Building-Wide QuarantineConduct-Related Self-QuarantineQuarantine or Isolation Support

Mandatory Quarantine and Isolation

Mandatory Quarantine

Mandatory quarantine is for those who, while not displaying signs or symptoms of COVID-19, have been in close contact with someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19. Close contacts are determined by a Contact Tracer from the campus or the County.

According to the CDC, fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to quarantine upon exposure, unless they have symptoms. They are encouraged to test 3-5 days after being exposed.

Mandatory Isolation

Mandatory isolation is for those who have a positive COVID-19 test or are presumed positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status.

Locations for Mandatory Quarantine or Isolation

Resident Students

Resident students may quarantine or isolate on-campus. If a student needs to go to quarantine or isolation, they will move temporarily to a room on the east side of Dorsey Hall. Students may also go home to quarantine or isolate if they prefer.

Students will receive meals while they are in quarantine or isolation as part of their meal plan. If a student leaves their room during the quarantine or isolation period, parents/guardians will be contacted and they will need to make alternate arrangements for their student off-campus/take them home.

Resident students are encouraged to prepare a bag in advance for a fast transition to temporary quarantine or isolation housing.

Commuting Students, Faculty, and Staff

Commuting students, faculty, and staff should plan to quarantine or isolate either at their permanent residence or off-campus housing location.

Required PCR testing for students returning from quarantine

During their quarantine, students will be required to take a PCR test on day 7 or later and provide the results to the Health and Wellness Center by uploading their results and choosing "COVID Positive Test Results” to the Patient Portal.

Students may not return from quarantine without providing these test results. Students quarantining on campus will be scheduled for testing at the Health and Wellness Center. Students quarantine off campus will be expected to make arrangements for their own testing off-campus at an urgent care or testing center.

Quarantine Information for Students who have been Positive in the last 90 days

If a student has been positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, they may be exempt from quarantine. Students must upload their positive test result (showing full name and date of birth) under “COVID Positive Test Results” to the Patient Portal for review.

In the event a student has been positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days and is directed to quarantine due to being exposed to someone who is positive or presumed positive for COVID-19, the Health and Wellness Center will review the exposed student’s positive test result and will release them from quarantine as appropriate.

The student may also be directed by the Monroe County Department of Health to provide their positive test result to the county: The Department of Health will review the information and provide the student with release from quarantine paperwork if appropriate. When a student receives this paperwork, they must upload it to the Health and Wellness Center Patient Portal.

Academic Impact

While they are quarantining or isolating, students should work with their faculty member directly. Faculty are notified through FisherLink that the student is required to be in mandatory quarantine or isolation and the student receives a copy of the notice.

Building-Wide Quarantine

In the event of a building-wide quarantine, all residents will be required to stay in their residence hall and participate in classes remotely until they are tested and the results of the tests are determined. The anticipated duration of this hold is to be an average of 48 to 72 hours while the College waits for the results of the testing. Because of the congregate living situation, in a building-wide quarantine, there are no quarantine exemptions for students who have had a positive test result in the last 90 days.

Food will be delivered to the quarantined building. Meals will be prepared by Fisher Dining and deducted from the students’ meal plans. Students will stay in their rooms other than testing and picking up food at mealtimes. Visitation will be canceled for the duration of the building-wide quarantine.

If a student insists on leaving the quarantine, they may do so, however, they may not return to campus until they provide negative PCR test results and their building is no longer in quarantine.

Academic Impact

While they are quarantining, students will attend all classes remotely through Zoom. They should consult their syllabi for instructions.

Conduct-Related Self-Quarantine

Students involved in alleged conduct violations of the Student Code of Conduct that include COVID-19 policies and/or local or state guidance on gatherings (on- and off-campus), are removed from campus (including housing and classes) on an interim basis and required to complete an off-campus 10-day conduct-related self-quarantine. There will be no adjustment to housing and meal plan charges for the semester due to a conduct-related quarantine.

Conduct-Related Self-Quarantine Location

Students in conduct-related self-quarantine are expected to make their own off-campus arrangements at their expense.


Quarantine and Isolation Support


Medical and Mental Health

The Health and Wellness Center is available to students while they are in quarantine or isolation and can be contacted at (585) 385-8280 or

Full-time undergraduate students can also contact Fisher Care, our telemedicine partner, who provides medical and mental health visits 24/7.


The Center for Career and Academic Planning stands ready to answer any class or academic questions or concerns. They can be reached at (585) 385-8050 or


Students who are looking to talk with someone in Campus Ministry during their time in quarantine or isolation can contact them at (585) 385-8368 or

Faculty and Staff

Medical and Mental Health

Faculty and staff who are in quarantine or isolation can receive support through the College’s EAP program or should seek support from their chosen medical professional.

Employment-Related Matters

If you have any questions related to how quarantine or isolation affects you as an employee, contact Human Resources at or (585) 385-8048.