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Shutdown includes contingency plans for decreasing on-campus activities and operations and/or closing the campus.

The following considerations must be included, at a minimum:

Operational Activity

Include which operations will be decreased, scaled back, ramped down, or shutdown and which operations will be conducted remotely; include process to conduct orderly shutdown which may include phasing, milestones, and involvement of key personnel.

  • We will look to New York State and Monroe County for guidance when considering shutting down campus operations.
  • The campus Emergency Response Team (ERT) would be activated to execute a shutdown based on the circumstances (i.e. is the outbreak on campus vs. in the county).
  • Campus security staff, in collaboration with the ERT, will oversee the campus shutdown.
  • Following the official closure of the campus, we will proceed with any precautionary disinfection and/or decontamination procedures as an added safety measure.
  • During any period for which the campus must remain closed, all students will attend classes virtually using Zoom and/or through instructional modalities designed by faculty for virtual learning. In addition, the College will ensure that all students have the necessary capability and support to participate in classes remotely. School deans will have oversight of upholding the quality of the student academic experience.
  • Students and employees will receive support from the Office of Information Technology with technology questions or issues.


For residential universities, plans need to be put in place for how students would safely depart campus. Institutions should consider policies for students who may not be able to depart campus quickly (e.g. international students).

  • The Office of Residential Life along with the College Emergency Response Team (ERT) will implement plans to evacuate the campus.
  • All resident students submit an emergency plan documenting where they will go if they need to leave campus as part of their housing applications and we work with students who have transportation and housing issues individually based on where they are going.
  • We will accommodate students who are unable to return home safely.


Develop comprehensive plans to communicate internally and externally throughout the process.

  • In the event of a campus closure, the ERT will issue a campus-wide email to students and employees using the Fisher Alert email address (
    • Email will include confirmation and timing of the closure, move-out details for residential students, and work-from-home details for employees.
    • The email will be forwarded to current parents and families via Fisher Alert.
  • Using the College’s emergency notification system, a RAVE Alert will be issued via text to employees, students, and families instructing them to check their email for an important update. Members of the campus community are automatically enrolled in the program with contact information provided by the student to the College.
  • Depending on the timing of the closure, College Communications will continue to provide updates to campus constituents via Fisher Alert and social media regarding continuity of instruction and campus operations. Those updates will also be shared with parents/families.
  • The College Update website will transition into a resources website to support continuity of instruction and campus operations.