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Monitoring includes policies to track health conditions on campus.

The following considerations must be included, at a minimum.

Testing responsibility

Identify who is responsible for purchasing and administering testing, as well as notification of test results; plans should offer contingencies for continual screening of symptoms and temperature checks without testing, if needed.

  • Testing for students will be provided by the College’s Health and Wellness Center. Rochester Regional Health (RRH) will provide support for purchasing tests, vetting appropriate tests, and training College staff testing procedures. A health care provider in the Health and Wellness Center will provide test results to students who utilize our testing facility.
  • The Director and Associate Director of Safety and Security will serve as the points-of- contact upon the identification of positive cases.
  • We will provide information about RRH testing center locations in the local area for employees who require testing.
  • Based on the current NY COVID-19 Travel Advisory, employees or students who travel to New York State from one of the restricted states (as determined by NYS as those with significant current community spread of COVID-19) must self-quarantine for two weeks before returning to campus.
  • Individuals who become symptomatic but have a negative COVID-19 test result should continue to stay home or in isolation while sick and consult their health care provider about the need for additional testing.
  • The College will survey students 14 days before returning to campus for signs, symptoms, exposures, and travel which may warrant further investigation by the College. Testing in their home community may be indicated in some situations.
  • The College will reinforce the importance of minimizing exposures for the 14 days prior to arrival on campus.
  • The College will survey again 1-2 days prior to return to campus to ensure those who cannot yet safely return remain at home until cleared for return.
  • Students and employees will be required to complete the Daily Pass, a mobile website developed by RRH to report daily on their current health status, before coming to campus.
  • The College will utilize event testing for students arrive on campus which includes symptomatic testing as needed or exposure testing as directed by the Monroe County Health Department.

Testing frequency and protocols

Determine testing frequency and process which may include plans to test for cause (e.g. symptomatic individuals, close or proximate contacts, international travel), plans to test for surveillance to proactively monitor for symptoms of influenza-like illness, as well as protocols around group testing.

  • Event testing will be utilized for students at the campus Health and Wellness Center and for employees at RRH sites in the local community who are symptomatic or directed by the Monroe County Health Department due to exposure.
  • All residential students will be required to receive the flu vaccine and all other students and employees will be strongly encouraged. The College will provide flu clinics on campus throughout the early fall semester.


Develop plans for regular health screening of employees, students, and visitors.

  • In partnership with RRH, the College will provide comprehensive screening and medical supervision to the Fisher community. All members of the Fisher community and invited guests are required to complete the Daily Pass, a COVID-19 daily symptom tracker created by RRH, prior to coming to campus.
  • Thermography will be used at some entrance points to detect individuals with a body temperature greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Students or employees who report symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be required to quarantine and follow the guidance of their healthcare provider regarding testing.

Early warning signs

Define metrics that will serve as early warning signs that positive cases may be increasing beyond an acceptable level; define method(s) to monitor against such metrics.

  • In conjunction with the Monroe County Health Department, we will monitor COVID-19 infection rates on the Fisher campus and in the community.
  • Waste-water monitoring for campus will detect virus shed and provide an early warning of infection.
  • On campus, we will monitor Daily Pass and PPE compliance, symptoms reported in the Daily Pass, and Isolation/Quarantine capacity.
  • We will also monitor regional indicators such as hospital capacity, ICU capacity, and testing capacity.


Consider plans for contact tracing in close coordination with state and local health departments using the protocols, training, and tools provided through the New York State Contact Tracing Program – an initiative between the Department of Health, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Vital Strategies.

  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Monroe County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) and the College with respect to COVID-19 preparedness and response will inform this process.
  • Under the supervision of our Office of Safety and Security, MCDPH will provide contact tracing support for any contact tracing investigation involving residential students.
  • The College will assist MCDPH with on-campus contact tracing for contacts that may have occurred on campus for students who live off-campus and employees. MCDPH will serve as the lead agency, but will require some logistical and communications/operations support from the College.
  • Multiple members of the Fisher community completed the Johns Hopkins Contact Tracing course. At least one campus safety officer who completed the course will be on campus at all times.
  • The College will maintain a COVID-19 Campus Impact webpage within the reopening site that will include a monthly summary of the number of positive COVID-19 cases, with a distinction between asymptomatic and symptomatic, as well as the number of quarantined and isolated individuals. It will also include information about our team of contact tracers and the contact tracing process.