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COVID-19 Impact at Fisher

Fisher will report the number of confirmed cases that impact our on-campus population.

New York state has developed a website that includes individual report cards for colleges and universities reporting a variety of different metrics daily. For those details, visit our report card on the NY Forward website.

NY Forward Dashboard

Fisher will also report the number of confirmed cases that impact our on-campus population in discrete 14-day periods as defined by New York state. We will also maintain a list of the number of confirmed cases reported in past discrete 14-day periods.

Past 14-Day Periods
14-Day Periods
14-Day Period Confirmed Cases
9/26/20-10/9/20 0
9/12/20-9/25/20  1
8/28/20-9/11/20 2

Confirmed cases: Determined by our on-campus contact tracing team in collaboration with the Monroe County Health Department. This number is updated as new cases are confirmed.

The last date a confirmed case was reported was on Friday, September 25, 2020.

As the state requires, our total “on-campus population includes all students, faculty, and staff who are on the campus location, including those students living on campus and those attending class on campus, as well as all staff and faculty working on campus.” Therefore, those employees working remotely and those students learning remotely for the semester would not be included in our case count.

Yellow color swatch

Operational Level 1

Yellow (low)

Cases are low and transmission is controlled.

Level 1 Protocols

  • Continue with engineering controls (signs, cleaning, space layout)
  • Continue with COVID-19 policies and practices (masks required, social distancing, hand washing, quarantine/isolation when appropriate)
  • Maintain current room capacities of no more than 50% (will meet state requirement, if lower)
  • Limit social gatherings to 25 people or less (may be increased if YELLOW level can be maintained for > 2 weeks)
  • Continue with instruction modality and reduction of room density
  • Only essential guests are allowed on campus
  • Travel is strongly discouraged
  • COVID-19 monitoring team will monitor visitation policy between residence halls and assess weekly with the ability to limit visitation based on campus conditions

See more information about all operational levels.

Operational Levels

Daily Pass

Screenshot of the Daily Pass self assessment screen, which shows links to start assessment, location check in, and My Daily Pass.

Complete the Daily Pass using any device within the two hours prior to your arrival on campus (if you will be on campus at 8 a.m., you should complete it between 6-8 a.m.). You will receive either a “GO” directive allowing you on campus or a “STOP” directive telling you what to do next, based on your answers to a series of screening questions. 

Daily Pass

Contact Tracing at Fisher

The contact tracing process of resident students will be led by the Office of Safety and Security in consultation with the Monroe County Health Department. All of our officers have received contact tracing training via Johns Hopkins University's Contact Tracing Training Program. Contact tracing of employees and commuter students will be led by the Monroe County Health Department.

The Contact Tracing Process

Case Investigation

The contact tracer has a conversation with the patient and makes sure they understand the contact tracing process. During this conversation, the case will be asked questions about their infectious period, asked to identify contacts, and briefed on what will happen going forward, including quarantine. Patient must disclose fully who they have been in contact with to help the process for our community.

Contact Notification

Contact tracers look at parameters including social distancing, symptoms, and close contacts who have had a sustained contact and notify individuals (contacts) of their potential exposure. A contact is someone who was within 6' or less of person for 10 minutes or more. The patient's identity will not be disclosed through this process. To the extent possible, the interview is done over the phone or through virtual text message/email.

Contact Support

Contacts will be provided with information and support to help them understand their level of risk, and directions on what they should do next. If they start to feel symptoms, the contact tracer will direct them to be tested. Students who test positive will be directed to quarantine off-campus. The College will assist with arrangements.

Quarantine and Isolation

Quarantine and Isolation

There are several reasons an individual may be asked to quarantine or isolate.

The College will coordinate with Monroe County Department of Health concerning the issue of Mandatory Quarantine or Isolation Health Orders for students, faculty, and staff who meet the quarantine or isolation criteria regarding positive COVID tests and/or exposure to positive COVID patients.

Students, faculty, and staff who travel to any restricted states as determined by New York state are required to self-quarantine in New York State for 14 days before returning to St. John Fisher College.

The College may request a student quarantine or isolate depending on the results of their saliva screening, what symptoms they may report, or if they have been exposed to someone who is positive for COVID-19. Additionally, the College may direct students whose behavior puts themselves or the community at risk for exposure to COVID-19 to complete a 14 day self-quarantine.

See Quarantine and Isolation page for more information.

Quarantine and Isolation