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COVID-19 Cases at Fisher

Fisher reports the number of confirmed cases that impact our on-campus population.  

These numbers reflect data as of February 24, 2021. This information is updated daily with the prior day's report.

Current 14 Day Period: 2/13/21-2/26/21
Current 14 Day Period: 2/13/21-2/26/21
Confirmed Cases 9
Total in Quarantine 29
Total in Isolation 8
On-Campus Clinic Point-of-Care Tests   5,085

13,627 tests conducted on campus since 1/1/21.

Confirmed cases: Determined by our on-campus in collaboration with the Monroe County Health Department. 

As the state requires, we continue to report confirmed cases among our on-campus population in discrete 14-day periods. Our on-campus population is defined as “all students, faculty, and staff who are on the campus location, including those students living on campus and those attending labs on campus, as well as all staff and faculty working on campus.” Therefore, those employees working remotely and those students learning remotely are not included in our case count.

Fisher's Past 14 Day Periods

Past 14-Day Periods
14-Day Periods
14-Day Period Confirmed Cases
1/30/21-2/12/21 6
1/16/21-1/29/21 1
1/2/21-1/15/21 0
12/19/20-1/1/21 0
12/5/20-12/18/20 2
11/21/20-12/4/20 0
11/7/20-11/20/20 2
10/24/20-11/6/20 2
10/10/20-10/23/20 97
9/26/20-10/9/20 1
9/12/20-9/25/20  1
8/28/20-9/11/20 2

New York Forward Dashboard

New York state has developed a website that includes individual report cards for colleges and universities reporting a variety of different metrics daily. For those details, visit our report card on the NY Forward website.

New York Forward Dashboard