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Profile Content in T4

The Profile content type is used to display information about faculty and staff on campus.

Refer to the Editing Profile Content documentation for detailed instructions on updating this content type in T4.

Profile Content Example #1

The Profile example below shows how the xx*, xxx*, xx, xxx, and xxx fields display on a faculty/staff listing demonstration page.


Profile Content Basics

Explanation of Fields


  • Required field
  • Used in the backend to distinguish each piece of content
  • Format should follow the format of LastName, FirstName

Profile Image

  • Optional headshot image (always floated to the right of content)
  • Recommended size: 160 x 160 px
  • Target file size: <50 KB
  • Image location: Media Library > Categorised > Sized Image Library > Headshots 160 x 160 > Headshots subfolder based on last name

Profile First Name*

  • Required field
  • First name of the individual

Profile Last Name*

  • Required field
  • Last name of the individual

Profile Title

  • Job title of the individual

Note: For faculty, do not include the department name, unless the person is the chair, program director, or dean. In that case, professor status should come first, followed by any additional titles. Refer to Editing Profile Content for more information.


Additional Fields

  • Keep the "Use default link text" checkbox checked