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Student Orientation Coordinator Profiles

Orientation is just around the corner and our student coordinators are hard at work planning a fun-filled weekend for the Class of 2021. Meet several of this year's team!

Yilmaz Ates '19

Carthage, NY

Yilmaz Ates

Yilmaz Ates

Major: Nursing

Why did you choose Fisher?: I chose Fisher because of the small class sizes and the family atmosphere on campus. Also, Fisher has a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus and ways to prepare yourself for your intended career.

Favorite Fisher memory: This past year we had a snow day. Instead of studying or watching movies, my friends and I went outside and had a snowball fight on the football field and went sledding around campus.

Because of Orientation I...: Was able to meet so many incredible people that have become part of my Fisher family.

What should incoming students be ready for?: Incoming students should be ready for a weekend of fun that is also informative to help them be prepared to start their journey at Fisher. Be ready to meet a lot of people!

Random fact about you: I'm obsessed with country music and Taco Bell.

Julia Greene '18

Newark, NY

Julia Greene

Julia Greene

Major: Psychology

Why did you choose Fisher?: I chose Fisher for the upbeat energy and opportunities it provides. I immediately felt that Fisher was my home during an open house visit and knew that no other school could compare.

Favorite Fisher memory: My favorite Fisher memory was during Orientation Team training when we all sat around the campfire at Camp Arrowhead, sang, and made s'mores.

Because of Orientation I...: Feel that I can open up doors to freshman that they never knew existed. Watching them take their first steps away from home to find themselves is a transformation that is a privilege to be a part of.

What should incoming students be ready for?: An AMAZING journey!

Random fact about you: I have two chinchillas named Theo and Walter

Anna Harmer '18

North Syracuse, NY

Anna Harmer

Anna Harmer

Major: Marketing

Why did you choose Fisher?: I choose Fisher because of the great opportunities I saw available. I came from a large high school, where the classes were enormous, clubs were getting shut down, and teachers being let go because of funding. Here at Fisher I saw the opposite. I saw a chance to start new programs, have small classes, and make great connections.

Favorite Fisher memory: One of my favorite Fisher memories would have to be the Courage Bowl of 2017. Fisher had won yet another fantastic game and the whole bus ride home people were yelling and cheering and every single person was just so excited. I truly felt the Fisher family spirit right then and there.

Because of Orientation I...: Was able to force myself to go out of my comfort zone, which I think every person should do. I was able to watch myself grow from those experiences.

What should incoming students be ready for?: Incoming students should be ready for the next four years of their lives to fly by, because it really is going to be the best four years you will ever experience. It is important for you to take this time in and really enjoy it because it will be over before you know it.

Random fact about you: I learned to ride a two wheel bike when I was only two years old.

Leanne Maltese '18

Auburn, NY

Leanne Maltese

Leanne Maltese

Major: Chemistry

Why did you choose Fisher?: I chose Fisher because I felt very comfortable when I first stepped foot on the campus. I went to a small high school, so the close-knit community at Fisher has made me feel right at home! There are so many opportunities and everyone is so friendly which has made my experience here so moving.

Favorite Fisher memory: It's hard to choose just one! Being on the Programming Committee and participating in the Teddi Dance for Love this past year is definitely one of my favorite memories. I love to dance so the 24-hour dance-a-thon was so much fun for me. It was wonderful seeing all the children come from Camp Good Days to dance with us. Also, this year we raised the most money we ever have so it was extra special. It’s just a wonderful, fulfilling experience.

Because of Orientation I...: Feel more comfortable on campus and have grown into a stronger, more confident student leader.

What should incoming students be ready for?: Freshmen should expect a fun-filled, educational weekend! They should expect to become a part of the Fisher family, meet many new people, and learn all that there is to know about St. John Fisher College.

Random fact about you: I am obsessed with Justin Bieber and Taco Bell!