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Positive Body Image

Body image is what we see when we look in the mirror and how we picture ourselves in our minds.

Having a positive body image means that, most of the time, you see yourself accurately, you feel comfortable in your body, and you feel good about the way you look.

A negative body image can cause you to feel depressed, isolated, low in self-esteem, and obsessed with weight loss. It also can be a big trigger for developing an eating disorder. Determine if you are at risk for developing an eating disorder by taking this eating disorder screening.

Positive Body Image on Campus

Accepting, respecting and, yes, even celebrating our natural body shape is something we can learn to do. Here are some places on campus to start!

Positive Body Image Group

Healthy Body Image group is for students who want to give and receive ideas, motivation and support for moving eating habits and body image in a positive direction.

If you're interested in joining or learning more about the healthy image/eating group, email Lee Cocco at

Smash the Scale

Smash the Scale is a crafting and smashing event to draw awareness to issues related to body diversity and body acceptance. Students decorate scales with images and text of their choice that speak to their relationship to weight, weight loss, and body size in general. The decorated scales are photographed and then smashed - smashing the beauty myths and unhealthy cultural codes around bodies that keep us all distracted and even damaged.

National Eating Disorder Awareness

A movie night and a life-size Barbie display are featured on campus during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. These activities are designed to raise awareness around eating disorders and counter negative body image messages.

Mental Health Counseling

Sometimes it can help to talk with a counselor about how you came to believe and feel negative things about your body, in order to start to challenge these beliefs that create pain and can cause disordered eating. By talking it out with a safe and objective person, you can gain new skills and perspective that will lead to a better relationship with the most important person – you!

If you would like to speak to a counselor, don't hesitate to make an appointment.

Eating Disorders Support Group

Meets weekly throughout each semester. Contact for more information.

Positive Body Image Resources

Challenge Current Beauty Standards