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Tutor Resources

Your instructor should always be your first source of help in a class. Beyond that, peer tutoring for most 100-200 level courses is available. There are no fees to you for using any of the services listed on this page.

Math and Writing Centers

The Writing Center assists students with most written work. Skilled writers know the value of a second reader! The Math Center assists students with the development of their mathematical understanding.

Smarthinking Online Tutoring

Smarthinking's online tutoring service provides academic support in basic math and writing, but also in more advanced subjects like organic chemistry, math beyond calculus, finance, and statistics. Smarthinking's tutors are experts in teaching as well as in their fields. The Online Writing Lab provides individualized feedback and critique on reports.

Smarthinking, which can be accessed through mySJFC, supplements Fisher's existing tutoring services, offering academic assistance when other services are closed. In fact, its busiest hours are from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Course-Specific Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring comes in many different forms. Below you will find a list of specific courses and the peer tutoring connection. You can also request a peer tutor for a 100-200 level class not listed (described in the next section).



  • BIOL 120: Tutoring is built into the recitation course. Additional tutoring sessions on are held on the second floor of the Integrated Science and Health Sciences building near the window. You may attend any session, but are also expected to attend in-class tutoring during the recitation hours of your class.


Computer Science