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Advising and Registration

We are here to help! Academic advising and registration assistance are two of the main functions of the Center for Academic Advising and Support Services.

Declare or Change a Major/Minor

Complete an Academic Program Change Request and then check your email for notifications of changes. This form also allows you to change you academic advisor.

Having trouble choosing a major? We can help!

Useful Registration Information

Spring 2018 Registration Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Week of Oct. 30 - Course offerings posted. Alternate PINs available for advisors in Fish 'R' Net.
  • Tue., Nov. 7 - Timeslots available in Fish 'R' Net.
  • Mon, Nov. 13 - Spring registration begins by assigned timeslot for matriculated students. Access to Fish 'R' Net is restricted until your timeslot opens.
  • Fri., Nov. 17 - All timeslots have opened; access to Fish 'R' Net is no longer restricted. Web activity for spring continues.
  • Mon., Nov. 27 - In-person registration for Nazareth Inter-Institutional Language begins.
  • Tue., Jan. 2 - In-person registration begins for new and continuing undergraduate non-matriculated students in the Center for Academic Advising and Support Services.
  • Fri., Jan. 12 - First Weekend session classes begin.
  • Mon., Jan. 15 - Full term, first 7-Week and School of Pharmacy classes begin at 8 a.m. In person registration for RAC Inter-Institutional students begins.
  • Sat., Jan. 20 - Saturday classes begin.
  • Mon., Mar. 12 - Second Seven Week session classes begin.
  • Fri., Mar. 9 - Second Weekend classes begin.

Registering for Over 19 Credit Hours

Send an email to your academic advisor that includes the following:

  • Fisher ID number;
  • Semester for which you are requesting the overload;
  • Total number of credit hours requested;
  • List of all intended courses (DEPT Course# Credit Hours);
  • Reason for the request;
  • A note at the end of the email asking your advisor to forward your email with his or her comments and approval to your School dean.

If approved, your credit limit will be raised and you will receive an email notifying you to register for the additional hour(s). You will be billed for each credit hour above 19.

Find Your Advisor on Fish 'R' Net

To find the name of your advisor, log into Fish 'R' Net and select Student Services and Financial Aid > Student Records > View Advisor Email Address.