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Academic Contract

If you are not meeting the Standards of Academic Progress and are on Early Intervention or Probation standing or if you have successfully appealed an Academic Dismissal standing, you will be placed under Academic Contract with the College.

Note: The Undergraduate Catalog contains detailed information regarding standards of academic progress.

The Academic Contract consists of:

  • Initial pre-semester contract appointment with an academic support counselor to discuss academic performance, registration choices/adjustments, and an improvement plan;
  • Regular meetings (typically twice per month) with an academic support counselor to discuss academic progress and to work on strategies to improve performance;
  • Completion of a Midterm Academic Progress Report on grade and performance feedback for each enrolled course;
  • End of term assessment meeting with an academic support counselor to assess academic progress, future course registration and planning options.

Pre-Semester Contract Appointment

IMPORTANT: You must contact the Center for Academic Advising and Support Services prior to the start of the semester to schedule your initial appointment with an academic support counselor. This initial one-on-one meeting will last approximately one hour. You will be expected to keep regular contact with your assigned academic support counselor, typically twice per month, for the duration of the semester.

Initial Appointment Goals and Expectations:

  • Reflect on individual academic/personal challenges faced in previous semester(s);
  • Identify personal/academic strengths and develop goals for the new semester and beyond;
  • Work to develop a specific academic improvement plan with the contract counselor;
  • Assess current study habits, time management, repeat coursework, GPA calculations, academic requirements, fit of current major/minor, utilization of academic resources, etc.

What to Expect of Your Academic Support Counselor:

  • Accurate information about academic requirements;
  • Referrals to appropriate campus resources;
  • Detailed discussion about academic requirements/options, GPA improvement, options for repeating coursework;
  • Assistance with academic goal setting and planning;
  • Assistance with assessing progress throughout the semester.

What the Academic Support Counselor Expects of YOU:

  • Engaged participation and sincere effort throughout the process;
  • Honest communication and reflection on your academic strengths, areas of necessary improvement, and personal/academic goals;
  • Preparation for meetings and follow through with counselor recommendations;
  • Acceptance of personal responsibility for your own success, decisions, and academic path.

End of Term Review

While adherence to the Academic Contract does not guarantee success, using Fisher's resources and abiding by your contract will give you the best chance for improving your academic standing. Your academic progress will be reevaluated at term's end.

Early Intervention Contract

  • If your academic standing has moved to "Warning" or "Good" according to the Standards of Academic Progress, you will be removed from contract.
  • If your cumulative GPA is within EI contract range, you will continue on contract. However, if you are not making satisfactory progress, you will be dismissed from the College.

Probation Contract

  • You will remain enrolled if you successfully complete all courses in which you were initially enrolled and earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher. Once your cumulative GPA reaches 2.0 or higher, you will be removed from contract.

Post-Dismissal Contract

  • You will remain enrolled if you successfully complete all courses in which you were initially enrolled and earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher. Once your cumulative GPA reaches 2.0 or higher, you will be removed from contract.

Your academic support counselor will advise the Committee on Academic Standing on your commitment to your contract requirements. Keeping your contractual obligations will result in favorable reviews which may be especially valuable if you are struggling but making some progress.

If you have little contract participation or effort and poor achievement for the semester and are again dismissed from the College, you are not likely to be granted an academic appeal.

Contact the Center for Academic Advising and Support Services at (585) 385-8034 for additional information about the Academic Contract.

Requirements of an Academic Contract

The contract requires the following (at the discretion of the academic support counselor):

  • Enrollment in no more than 4 courses/14 credit hours for the semester;
  • Regular meetings (1-2 times/month) with the academic counselor to monitor progress;
  • Submission of completed Academic Progress Report listing estimated mid-semester grades as reported and signed by faculty;
  • Restriction from NCAA athletic competition;
  • Use of campus resources including tutoring, the Math/Writing Center, Career Center, and attendance at designated workshops designed to improve your current and future academic success;
  • Recommendations for the improvement of your cumulative GPA, including course repeats, course scheduling suggestions, review of academic interests, strengths/weaknesses, and their relation to academic/career goals, and overall evaluation of degree progress.

The following are not permitted: unauthorized course withdrawals; applications for S/U grades; and final grades of incomplete without the counselor's approval.