Academic Intervention

The Committee on Academic Standing will notify you at the end of the semester if your cumulative GPA falls below "Good Standing." The letter is sent by certified mail, and an electronic copy is sent to your Fisher email account.

The term "Good Standing" is determined by Fisher's Standards of Academic Progress.

NOTE: If you are a full-time student and receive three failing grades in one semester or a part-time student and receive all failing grades in one semester, you will be dismissed from the College regardless of the semester or cumulative GPA.

Categories of Intervention

There are three categories of intervention if you are not in good standing:

  • Warning
  • Early Intervention Contract
  • Academic Dismissal


If your cumulative GPA falls within the Warning range, but you are making satisfactory academic progress, you will be placed on Warning. You will receive a personal letter from the Committee on Academic Standing cautioning you that your academic performance is not completely acceptable.

Early Intervention Contract

If your cumulative GPA falls within the Early Intervention Contract range, you will automatically be placed onto Academic Contract. You will not be permitted to compete in NCAA athletics as defined by NCAA Bylaw 14.02.5. You may, however, continue to practice at the discretion of the athletic director and individual coaches.

» More information about Academic Contract.

Academic Dismissal

If your cumulative GPA falls below the appropriate threshold for Academic Dismissal, you will be sent a letter informing you of your dismissal from the College.

» More information about Academic Dismissal and Appeals.

Academic Progress and Financial Aid

If you are under Warning or Contract status, you will not lose eligibility for financial aid programs because of your GPA. However, you must have earned 20 credit hours during the prior academic year (i.e. September 1 - August 31)  to be eligible for financial aid in the coming academic year. If you have been dismissed from the College but permitted to return upon appeal, you may be eligible for continued financial aid.

The New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) has special regulations that could affect your eligibility if you are making unsatisfactory academic performance.

Financial aid regulations are complex and each case requires individual evaluation. You are urged to consult with the Financial Aid Office with any questions or concerns.