Staff Recognition Program

The Staff Recognition Program exists to promote enhanced staff connection to campus community, to showcase staff accomplishments, to aid in overall retention of employees, and to offer a program consistent with the culture of today's employers including peer institutions.

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Staff Recognition Awards

In addition to the specific characteristics outlined in each award, nominees must demonstrate quality characteristics such as: integrity, Fisher spirit, genuineness, professional/personal ethics, self-discipline, and self-initiative.

To nominate an employee for an award, complete the online forms found below.

The awards are as follows:

Freshman Award

Recipients of the Freshman Award:

  • have been employed with Fisher for 3 years or fewer;
  • "hit the ground running" and made a positive and immediate impact on the Fisher community;
  • and easily adapted to Fisher culture.

>>Freshman Award Nomination Form

Cardinal Award

Recipients of the Cardinal Award:

  • foster a positive attitude;
  • demonstrate initiative and stand out among the Fisher community;
  • and exemplify the Fisher spirit.

>>Cardinal Award Nomination Form

Good Samaritan Award

Recipients of the Good Samaritan Award:

  • give of their own time to make a difference in the lives of others;
  • provide outreach and/or actively participate in the Fisher and/or greater community;
  • and serve as a role model for others.

>>Good Samaritan Award Nomination Form

Lifelong Learner Award

Recipients of the Lifelong Learner Award:

  • continually seek further education/professional development to enhance his/her growth;
  • demonstrates a passion for gaining knowledge;
  • and proactively shares their knowledge and/or expertise with campus community.

>>Lifelong Learner Award Nomination Form

*NEW AWARD* Creativity and Innovation Award

Recipients of the Creativity and Innovation Award:

  • have shown creativity in their work;
  • or launched a new initiative that has had a positive impact/benefit on the community (within their department/unit/office, across units, or campus-wide).

>>Creativity and Innovation Award Nomination Form

Students’ Choice Award

Recipients of the Students’ Choice Award:

  • demonstrate a “student first” approach and their daily actions and efforts are consistently aligned with the Fisher student in mind;
  • consistently look out for the well-being of each student;
  • are proactive in fostering/promoting the success of all students;
  • and genuinely cares about students.

>>Students' Choice Award Nomination Form

*SPECIAL AWARD* Basilian Award

The Basilian award can be given to an outstanding nominee who encompasses all of the characteristics mentioned in each award category and stands out to the committee and the Basilian fathers.