Bus and Bike Commuter Benefits

Regional Transit System Bus Pass Program

St. John Fisher College offers employees the opportunity to purchase the 31-Day Freedom Pass on a pre-tax payroll deduction basis. Two consecutive payroll deductions of $28.00 complete the purchase of one 31-Day Freedom Pass. Stop by or call the Payroll Department for more information.

Regional Transit Service (RTS)
31 - Day Freedom Pass ($56)
Valid All Day. Unlimited Access. Unlimited Trips.

Bike Commuter Benefit Policy

St. John Fisher College will subsidize up to $240 per calendar year toward bicycle commuting expenses for active full-time benefits-eligible employees.

Employees regularly using a non-motorized bicycle for a substantial portion (at least three times per week) of travel between the employee’s residence and the College can receive assistance defraying some of the costs a bicycle commuter may incur. These costs may include the purchase of a commuter bicycle, commuting gear (helmet, gloves, reflective clothing), bike lock, bike upgrades (lights, racks), repairs, and general maintenance. These are considered reasonable expenses as long as the bicycle equipment is regularly used for travel between the employee’s residence and the College.

The benefit will be provided through a cash reimbursement method for months that are determined as being qualified bicycle commuting months.

Employees applying for the bicycle commuter subsidy are ineligible for other transportation benefits during the months that they receive funds for bicycle commuting.

Qualified Bicycle Commuting Month

A qualified bicycle commuting month is a month in which an employee commutes to and from work at least three times per week in a month. On the Bicycle Commuting Fringe Benefits Claim Form [pdf], the employee is required to confirm months that qualify.

Reimbursement for Bike Commuting

Reimbursements will be paid throughout the year during which an employee commuted by bicycle and bicycle expenses were incurred, or until March 31 of the year after the expense was incurred.

A Bicycle Commuting Fringe Benefits Claim Form [pdf] needs to be completed and submitted to request a reimbursement. The employee must confirm the month(s) which are qualified bicycle commuting months, and itemize the qualified commuting expenses including the purchase date, the vendor, the expense description, and the amount. Receipts for all expenses must be submitted to be considered for reimbursement. The employee is required to certify that all the information on the claim form is accurate by signing the form.

This qualified transportation fringe benefit is funded solely with College contributions. An employee may not pay for this benefit using pre-tax compensation.