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Math Skills Assessment

The Math Skills Assessment is designed to test the prerequisite skills necessary to succeed in your MATH course. The test will be available on Blackboard in the Math Skills Assessment Organization under "Take a Test."   


This test requires the use of the Respondus Lockdown Browser with a Webcam Monitor, which must be installed on your computer before you begin. You must have an operational webcam either built into your computer or one that plugs in with a USB cable. If you do not have access to a computer with a webcam you may either use a general-use computer in any computer lab on campus or check out a laptop for this use at Lavery Library. More information regarding this requirement is posted on Blackboard under "Instructions".

Grading of the Math Skills Assessment

  • Students who earn an 92% or higher on the Math Skills Assessment will receive full credit (10% of the final course grade) toward this requirement.
  • Students who earn an 80% or higher on the Math Skills Assessment will receive partial credit (5% of the final course grade) toward this requirement.
  • Students who earn below 80% on all attempts will receive 0 points (equal to 10% of their final course grade) toward this course component.

*You may attempt the Math Skills Assessment up to four times, however, you may make one attempt per week

All questions and concerns about the assessment should be directed to Professor Anne Geraci, Math Center director. Professor Geraci can be contacted by phone at (585) 385-7395 or email at

Note: There are four levels (A, B, C, and D) of the Math Skills Assessments. Refer to the chart below to check the level assessment you are required to take.

Which Level Do I Need?

Level A Level B Level C Level D
MATH114 (A1)
Nursing (A1)
Pharmacy - Fall (A2)
Pharmacy - Spring (A3)

MATH111 (B1)

MATH150 (B3)