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Data Analytics Core 2020

Students enrolling at Fisher under the 20/21 Course Catalog (Class of 2024) and later will be required to satisfy the new Core 2020 requirements. This replaces the old CC/SQ/P1/P2/P3/P4 core requirements.

FA20 Core 2020 Course Offerings

In the FA20 semester, the following courses will be offered under Core 2020:

Data Analysis

  • COMM 1110 - Media Data Analytics
  • ECON 1199 - Numbers Don't Lie, Do They?
  • MATH 1130 - Intro to Business Analytics (similar to MATH130 Mathematical Modeling & Quantitative Analysis)
    Technology Guide for Excel [pdf] (Companion to Textbook specific to this course)
  • MATH 1170 - Predicting the Future (similar to MATH170 Mathematical Modelling)

These courses will use technology such as calculators, web applets, Google Sheets, and Excel Data Analysis ToolPak.

Resources for Microsoft Excel

Resources for Google Sheets