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EvaluationKIT for Students

Course evaluations are administered in a fully online manner through Blackboard using a tool called EvaluationKIT.

Typical Evaluation Process

  • Announcement emails will be sent from the system to let you know when your course evaluations will be available and when they will close. This is usually sent about one week in advance.
  • You will receive another email on the day that your course evaluations open. This email will contain a link to access your evaluations directly. Your instructors will provide guidelines on when and where course evaluations should be completed for each class, as class time may be reserved to do so in some instances.
  • During the evaluation period you may receive a reminder email to complete your evaluations before they close, if you have not done so already. You will also get a pop-up message (shown at right) within Blackboard if you have evaluations that are not yet completed. Once you complete all of your evaluations, these emails and pop-ups will no longer appear.
  • Once the course evaluation period has closed and final grades for the semester have been submitted by instructors, results from the course evaluations will be made available to the instructor of the course, the department chair, the dean, and the Provost's Office. Instructors utilize this feedback to make continuous improvements to the overall design and delivery of their courses, so your feedback is important.

Student FAQs

Get answers to questions about using EvaluationKIT for course evaluations.

Are my responses kept anonymous?

Yes, all of the responses to all questions are kept anonymous during the entire course evaluation process. Instructors will know the percentage of students in each class that completed the evaluation, but will never have access to which students did or did not complete the evaluation.

Can course evaluations be completed on a mobile device?

Yes, you can complete course evaluations on both Android and iOS devices. You will need to download the appropriate app prior to completing course evaluations this way. You will receive a mobile token ID when course evaluations open that will allow you to access your evaluations on these mobile devices.

You can download the app using the links below, depending on your device:

How can I access my evaluations if I deleted the emails?

You can always access any open course evaluations from your Blackboard homepage using the EvaluationKIT module.

I missed the evaluation window, can I complete my evaluations?

No, unfortunately you can not complete an evaluation after the end date for that evaluation has passed. It is important to keep an eye on these dates and even add a reminder to your calendar to finish all your course evaluations before they close.

What does it mean to opt-out of an evaluation?

You may choose to opt-out of an evaluation if you would prefer not to respond to the evaluation questions, but would like your response counted in the overall response rate. This indicates to the instructor that you made a conscious choice not to respond to the evaluation instead of not completing the evaluation for an unknown reason.