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Periodic Review of Online/Hybrid Courses

All online and hybrid courses will be reviewed for overall online course design updates, technology selection and maintenance every three years, above and beyond any normal course/program evaluation procedures as determined by each School.

  1. Educational Technologist will work with the Department Chair/ Program Director to identify the appropriate contact (e.g., faculty who developed the course or most recent instructor) to set up a periodic course review meeting three years after the original offering of the course.
  2. Educational Technologist and instructor will conduct a review of the course design, use of technology, and any changes that may be necessary since the course was originally developed, to maintain quality and consistency. The Online/Hybrid Course Development Rubric will be used as a guide to ensure the course is using the most recent and effective design and technology options available at Fisher for online course delivery.
  3. Educational Technologist will submit review with suggested recommendations for revisions to Department Chair/ Program Director on the current state of the online/hybrid course.
  4. Department Chair/ Program Director will determine when and who will perform the revisions identified as part of the review and provide a timeline for those revisions.
    1. Please note, if substantial revisions are necessary, and only for courses that were originally requested to be offered online by the College and/or those in which the faculty received payment to develop, then the retooling may be eligible for compensation. The School Dean will determine an appropriate stipend, if any, commensurate with the work to be done.
    2. In those cases when the Department Chair/ Program Director deems that substantial revisions are necessary above and beyond normal maintenance and outside of the three-year cycle of review, the Department Chair/ Program Director will determine when and who will perform the revisions, provide a timeline for those revisions, and contact the Educational Technologist about the proposed plan. It is recommended that extensive revisions outside the three-year review cycle outlined above only be considered either two years after the original offering of the course or after the third offering of the course.
  5. Once substantial revisions are made, the faculty member should complete a self-review and notify the Educational Technologist.
  6. Educational Technologist will review to ensure consistency in the quality and success of online/hybrid course delivery.
  7. Educational Technologist will notify the Department Chair/Program Director and School Dean following the review.
  8. Department Chair/Program Director or designee of their choosing may also review the course to ensure the learning outcomes, content and assessments are consistent with the campus-based version of the same course and meets all other department/school requirements.
  9. Any payment for the retooling of an online/hybrid course will be determined by the School Dean. Such payment will only be issued after course retooling has been successfully completed.