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Education Technology Roundtable

The Educational Technology Roundtable was created as an interdisciplinary group to discuss the current use of educational technologies at St. John Fisher College and to identify common themes regarding the needs for technology looking into the future.

About the Roundtable

The Roundtable is comprised of representatives from each of the five Schools, Lavery Library, and the Office of Information Technology.

Roundtable Members

  • Vivek S. Dave
  • Lawrence A. Fouraker
  • Benjamin Hockenberry
  • Nicholas Leifker
  • Joellen Maples
  • David Pate
  • Katie Sabourin
  • Jeremy H. Sarachan
  • Charlene M. Smith
  • Todd M. Sodano
  • Carolyn S. Vacca

Educational Technology White Paper

The creation of the Educational Technology White Paper by the Roundtable aligns directly with goal one of the College's 2012-2017 Strategic Plan. Goal one includes a number of tactics addressing pedagogical and student support intended to promote effective teaching and learning. The seventh tactic calls for the development of an educational technology plan that would inform the College's planning and budgeting processes. This white paper is not intended to make specific planning and budget recommendations for specific technologies, but to share the common trends and discussions from faculty across campus that may help to inform future planning decisions as appropriate.

The Roundtable plans to produce a white paper each year, with the specific focus varying from year to year depending on the state of educational technology use at that time.

Current White Paper

Past White Papers