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Initial Certification Process

The following requirements must ALL be satisfied before the New York State Education Department (NYSED) will issue certification.

There is no particular order in which the components must be satisfied, with one exception: if you have used a safety net, and all other requirements are met, you must email and request that the safety net(s) be applied.

Overview of Certification Process

Requirements for teacher certification include successful completion of NYS tests, fingerprinting, completion of DASA training, submission of recommendation/authorization form, and application through the TEACH system.

Apply for Certification through the TEACH System

Create a TEACH account and complete the certification application (including payment) using the appropriate instruction packet below.

Get Fingerprinted

Complete the fingerprinting process through and have fingerprints scanned. ORI number: TEACH

Complete Required Tests

Pass all required New York State Teacher Certification Exams.

Complete DASA Training

Complete Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) required training.  If you did not complete the DASA training at one of St. John Fisher College's training workshops, you must complete it elsewhere and submit a copy of your DASA certificate of completion before you can be recommended for certification. New York state teacher/leader certificates will not be issued without proof of DASA training.

Submit Recommendations

Submit the Authorization for Release of Education Records Form online (authorization form).

Upon graduation, if all program requirements have been met (including DASA), an institutional recommendation for certification will by made by St. John Fisher College to the NYSED through your TEACH account.