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Completing the edTPA

Advice from Former Student Teachers

Getting Started

  • Read the handbook!
  • Talk with your SBE right away to be sure they understand the edTPA
  • Start observations early to determine who you want your focus student to be
  • If required, get your permission slips out to families as soon as possible and keep a list so you know who cannot be seen in the video
  • Familiarize yourself with the camera – shoot a test video, upload and edit a practice one
  • Familiarize your students with having a camera in the classroom so when that you “go live”, it is not new to them
  • Create and follow a timeline!

Recording Videos

  • Record multiple lessons to get plenty of footage – shoot a lot of recordings
  • Triple check your classroom before recording to be sure nothing that gives away the school/district or students full names
  • Triple check the camera volume – it should be on high!
  • Be sure that your learning segment has a distinct beginning and ending
  • Do not stress out about finding a "perfect" clip, the reality is they do not exist and what matters most is how you respond to the teaching situation

Writing Process

  • Keep all of your documents and files saved in ONE place – and keep a backup
  • Cite research where it says to site research
  • When it says "do this OR this" replace it with "do this AND this"
  • Refer to the handbook AND the rubrics when answering your questions
  • Stick to the timeline you created
  • Work with your peers! Give each other constructive and honest feedback
  • Score each other using the rubrics
  • Utilize the "peer review/work days" provided by the college effectively
  • Proofread everything twice and review the rubrics to be sure you answered everything