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School of Business Internship Profiles

Hear from current and recent students about their experiences in the School of Business internship program.

Taylor Laughinghouse ’19

Taylor Laughinghouse

Taylor Laughinghouse

Time management was a professional skill that marketing major Taylor Laughinghouse took away from her internship at The Dome Arena. The semester was her busiest yet and she was occasionally overwhelmed with all she had to do. Laughinghouse quickly realized that she had to keep her priorities straight because her internship required her to keep track of social media, a big responsibility.

“I am a dependable person and wanted to make sure I completed all my tasks, which required strong time management skills,” she said. 

Professionalism is another skill that she learned. Throughout the semester, she had to keep the Dome’s reputation in mind and provide good customer service. Laughinghouse also learned adaptability.

“Throughout the internship, I problem solved and adapted to the situation as needed. This experience helped me to become more independent in certain situations and through it, I became a better decision maker,” she said.

As Laughinghouse focused on her full-time job search, her internship allowed her to apply for a variety of positions. “Having professional social media and graphic design experience has opened more areas for me. I know these types of positions would have been out of my reach if it wasn’t for the skills and experience I gained through my internship,” she said.

Benjamin Graniero ’19

Benjamin Graniero

Benjamin Graniero

Benjamin Graniero calls his internship at The Bonadio Group a great learning experience. The accounting major said it was the busiest he had ever been in his life, but balancing being a full-time student and nearly a full-time employee was a welcome challenge.

“There were times when I questioned my ability to balance these two lives and to reduce the stress I was under, but after I became more comfortable on the job and more confident in the work I was doing, it became more doable and I started to enjoy the internship a lot more,” he said.

Graniero credits the work ethic that he learned at Fisher to helping him to be successful in his internship. Each day presented a new set of challenges for him, but those challenges ultimately led to an increase in his accounting knowledge that he knows will help him throughout the remainder of his career.

“The internship helped me along my career path. It gave me a fantastic knowledge base to continue throughout the remainder of my career and it allowed me to experience the nuances of the professional environment in my field,” he said.

He felt that gaining real experience in the field improved the quality of the questions he asked and the quality of work he produced. He said that internship experience is an excellent way to get experience while also going through a test run to see if you like the firm and the work you’re doing. “It’s also a time to work on your soft skills and work with new people in a new environment. I feel like it has helped me be more comfortable in an office setting,” he said.

Allison Anderson ’19

Allison Anderson

Allison Anderson

Human resources management major Allison Anderson’s time at DePaul Community Services taught her a lot about what it is like to be part of an human resources department. Involvement in projects throughout her internship helped Anderson grow in her skills as a business professional, and she was able to apply classroom learning related to communication, policies, practices, and general human resources knowledge directly to the workplace. As a result of her education, she said she was more prepared for the job than she originally thought.

“My internship definitely helped me along my career path in so many ways,” she explained. “It gave me the opportunity to use what I learned in class and apply it to real life situations, which not only increased my learning, it helped me better define the type of career path I wanted to pursue after graduation.”

After the internship program ended, Anderson felt better prepared and more excited to begin a professional career in human resources. She currently works part-time at DePaul while actively pursuing full-time work in the field, specifically onboarding and training.