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School of Business Internship Profiles

Hear from current and recent students about their experiences in the School of Business internship program.

Anthony Silvanic '20

Anthony Silvanic

Anthony Silvanic

International travel, developing business insights, and learning how to ask effective questions are some of the benefits that Finance major, Anthony Silvanic ’20, gained by participating in three different internships at NBT Bank Corporate Headquarters, Carestream Health, and Constellation Brands. “The internships were important because they helped me identify which areas I enjoyed working in, and which areas I did not want to pursue. In addition, having a strong internship experience sets you apart from other entry-level job applicants.”

Silvanic had a variety of hands-on experiences throughout his internships where he developed both technical and soft skills. “I participated in meaningful projects and had experience in several different departments.” He also had the opportunity to enhance his critical thinking and collaboration skills, both of which were reinforced through the School of Business curriculum.

The benefits of the internship experience did not end upon graduation. Silvanic received a full-time job offer and upon starting his position, he credits his internships for quickly acclimating to his new role.  “After having completed a few internships I felt like I was able to ‘get up to speed’ much quicker in my full-time job than I would have been able to without them. Because I was able to understand my new responsibilities quicker, I was able to add value to the company faster.” 

Emily Risch '20

Emily Risch

Emily Risch

Internships at Butler/Till, Dixon Schwabl, and Qualtrics enabled Marketing major, Emily Risch, to participate in a variety of marketing experiences including media and marketing campaigns, copywriting, and sales.“In each internship, I was always thinking about the role and if it was something I could see myself doing as a whole career.” These diverse experiences also provided Risch the opportunity to gain essential workplace skills such as multitasking, time management, and building an internal brand.

Risch balanced her internship and academic experience with co-curricular involvement on the Fisher chapter of the American Marketing Association. Through the organization, Risch participated in regional and national sales competitions where she honed her sales and public speaking skills, making her a strong candidate for the internship at Qualtrics. Requiring Risch to move to Texas for the summer, the sales internship at Qualtrics also required Risch to step outside of her comfort zone in this new area of marketing, which she thrived in. Risch explains that the internship “helped me see that I want to be in a sales career in which I’m selling something that I believe in and that I’m passionate about. Qualtrics also gave me the desire to work outside of New York and be in a job that challenges me and is equally rewarding.”

Reflecting on her collegiate experience, Risch believes her multiple internships helped to develop a unique professional skill set that made her a competitive candidate for full-time employment. Additionally, it gave her insight into different workplace cultures, organizational structures, and communication skills for working with internal and external stakeholders. Upon graduation, Risch was ready and excited to apply her professional knowledge and accepted a full-time position at Qualtrics as a Sales Development Representative.

Maria Marcera '21

Human Resources

Maria Marcera

Maria Marcera

“I am extremely grateful for the insight my internship has given me,” says Maria Marcera, ’21, who completed an internship with Catholic Family Center in the Human Resource Department. Marcera’s responsibilities were varied and included active integration into the hiring process, onboarding paperwork, benefits review, and end-of-service packets. 

Critical professional skills such as communication and teamwork were essential during Marcera’s internship and helped to shape her ideal professional environment: “I want to work for an organization that has this team mentality. I had fellow interns to collaborate with me on projects and it was helpful having people to brainstorm with.”

Time management is another beneficial skill Marcera developed through her internship experience. “Throughout my internship I was balancing being a full-time student, being a member of the Fisher softball team, working at my other job and trying to make time for my social life. It reinforced that a strong work ethic will take me far in life and has shown me anything is achievable if you work hard.”   

Marcera gained a strong sense of the career paths available in human resources and has joined professional associations to learn more about human resources and the certifications that are available. Upon graduation, Marcera is eager to begin a full-time position in human resources with strong interests in coordinator and recruiting roles.