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Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration
Elizabeth Phillips

Certified Anticoagulation Care Provider
Board Accredited in Applied Pharmacology
Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist


Pharm.D., University of Buffalo
B.S.Pharm., University of Buffalo

Dr. Elizabeth (Lisa) Phillips received her B.S. in Pharmacy from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. She entered the profession as a hospital pharmacist but returned to SUNY at Buffalo 4 years later to obtain her Pharm.D.

Dr. Phillips has spent the last 15 years developing a collaborative ambulatory care practice. Her clinical practice site is located within the Internal Medicine Ambulatory Care clinics at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. The Internal Medicine Ambulatory Clinic is a training site for the Internal Medicine Physician Residence. As such, she has been actively involved in the educational training of the medial residents and the site provides an interprofessional environment with collaboration between physicians, nurses, social workers, case managers, pharmacists and pharmacy learners. The clinic also serves as the ambulatory care experience for the hospitals PGY-1 Pharmacy Residents and is the training site for the collaborative Upstate/SJFC PGY-2 in Ambulatory Care. Dr. Phillips serves as Residency Program Director (RPD) for this ASHP accredited post-graduate year 2 (PGY-2) residency in Ambulatory Care.

Dr. Phillips provides clinical pharmacy services ranging from education of medical residents and other health care providers; to providing pharmacotherapy consultations; identifying opportunities to improve medication utilization and a focuses on the safe transitions of care. Additionally, clinical pharmacists participate in Collaborative Drug Therapy Management (CDTM) for Diabetes, Antithrombotic Care and Management of Cardiovascular risk (hypertension and cholesterol). Her practice site was part of the NYS CDTM demonstration project and data from pharmacist-lead initiatives was included in report to the Department of Education.

Dr. Phillips has been an active member in the professional society of the Central New York Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (CNYHSP) and the state wide Association of Health Systems Pharmacists (NYS-ASHP). She has been an invited speaker for several statewide organizations providing education on topics of diabetes, anticoagulation, and CDTM. She serves on the National Certification Board of Anticoagulation Providers (NCBAP).

Awards and Recognition

  • 2014 - Presidents Clinical Team of the Year Award –SUNY Upstate Medical University: Recognized in conjunction with UHCC Ambulatory Care colleagues: Jennifer Morgan, Pharm.D., Mary Jo Lakomski, B.S.Pharm., CDE, Gregory Szymaniak, Pharm.D., Eric Sidman, Pharm.D.
  • 2014 - Clinical Research Award – NYSCHP ($2000): Recognized in conjunction with PGY-2 Ambulatory Care Resident – Eric Sidman, Pharm.D.
  • 2013 - Teacher of the Year – Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • 2013 - Excellence in Innovation Award – PSSNY


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